Is Your Smart Home/ IoT Device the Weak Link in Your Security?

The ideal scenario of a smart home and other IoT devices actually sounds quite Utopian. Imagine coming home after a long day and being recognized by your front door. Your smart hub knows how to switch on the heat or AC, start boiling the water in your kettle for tea, and to flick the radio on to your favorite station so you can kick back and relax the moment you walk through the door. Sadly, the reality of smart home devices is not as perfect. In the same way that a hacker can breach a laptop or a cell phone, they can take control of these devices which were made to make your life easier and more secure.
Can the looming threat of IoT and smart home hacking affect your business and client data? It sure can. Here are three things you should start watching for:
  1. If the security system to your office is Internet connected, you can be sure that it’s vulnerable to a cyberattack. Once a hacker implants a vulnerability, that person can change the entry data and make it impossible for you to get into your own space. This allows public access to the building and any data left around the office.
  2. If your employees receive work emails to their phones or smartwatches, this is one more way a hacker can penetrate your defenses. It is near impossible to ensure everyone’s mobile and wearable devices are completely secure, especially since they’re used largely outside of your office space.
  3. The hordes of data collected by IoT, outside of business matters, can be incredibly personal. Since most employees won’t actually have much security on their own devices, companies need to be wary of the personal data collected on their property. If an employee’s device is hacked because of a failure in your security solution, it may be used against the business in any legal action taken.
The best way to protect your organization from these potential threats is by mastering the art of encryption and evaluating your methods of staff security training. Ensure your staff knows how vulnerable their IoT devices can be if they don’t follow security protocols. Stress the importance of locking down data with proper passwords and keeping them completely private. Plus, arming employees with knowledge like the biggest email threats circulating and when and when not to open an email, whether on their in-office desktop or at home on their mobile, may help to prevent breaches from the get-go. StorageCraft is the data recovery pro. Not only can we help you with your backups and storage, but we assist with online data recovery and ransomware protection, as well. Contact us today for more information on our large suite of solutions and products or request a free demo of our ShadowXafe.