Arcserve Cloud Direct

The only direct-to-cloud backup and disaster recovery as a service (BaaS/DRaaS) offering comprehensive data protection with consumer-grade usability—without any hardware required on-premises. Scalable and flexible BaaS and DRaaS for always-on continuity with industry-best RTOs and RPOs.

Customer Profile SMB and Midmarket
Partner Profile MSP, VAR

Powerful Cloud-Native SaaS To Meet RTOs and RPOs of Minutes

Midsize companies and decentralized enterprises typically face two unsatisfactory choices: Implement a solution that delivers quick recovery times but results in hours or even days of data loss; or maintain system availability, yet get crushed by high complexity and costs.

Arcserve Cloud Direct offers a third and better option. Easily manage backup and disaster recovery and restore service-level agreements (SLAs) from one beautifully simple, web-based UI. Protect any system and application from data loss and get back in business faster.

Prevent IT Disasters—No On-Premises Hardware Required

Specifically engineered to keep businesses running smoothly, Arcserve’s cloud service provides pain-free setup and easy management, enriched with industry-leading backup speeds and 100 percent recoverability. Large and distributed IT environments are no match for the power, scale, and flexibility delivered with Arcserve Cloud Direct backup and disaster recovery service.

Arcserve Cloud Direct BaaS

Choose an award-winning cloud backup service to reliably protect data without the cost and maintenance of hardware, power, and IT resources. Physical or virtual, databases or server images, you’ll be fully protected against data loss and insured for downtime with minimal disruption with Arcserve Cloud Direct backup as a service.

Now You Can:
  • Set up and manage all backup deployments with a few clicks, and scale infinitely without the need for higher-capacity appliances or storage sub-systems
  • Automatically transfer large data sets safely offsite with little to no need for regular human oversight
  • Ensure nothing is accidentally overlooked by capturing all data on your servers with image backups. If it’s on the server, it’s on the server image
  • Eliminate the impact of ransomware with continuous third-party vulnerability scans, SSL encryption, and other technical controls. Go back in time to multiple recovery points and restore error-free in minutes
  • Minimize the draw on system resources with advanced change detection and multithreaded transport
Rated Best Cloud Backup Service for Businesses “Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct offers users a refreshingly powerful and easy-to-use product that specializes in data safety and Disaster- Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS). …Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct’s ease of use and powerful feature set lands it our Editor’s Choice for cloud backup services.”

How It Works

Arcserve Cloud Direct installs a lightweight agent on your local servers and replicates data in its native file format to create a complete backup of the server image, including OS, files, directories, and applications. Data is transferred directly over the internet to the Arcserve Cloud, without the need for an appliance or local staging drive. After an initial full backup, only changed data is sent.

Your data and multiple tenants are easily managed anytime, anywhere with complete visibility into activity through a centralized, self-service management console. When restoring data becomes necessary, simply choose from multiple server image recovery points to recover a server in the Arcserve Cloud as a virtual machine.

Leverage point-to-site to securely connect to the recovered environment in the Arcserve Cloud.


Westinghouse Lighting Corporation:

Hurricane Sandy No Match for Arcserve Cloud Direct BaaS

When this leading global manufacturer needed a more reliable and efficient solution to ensure system availability, it turned to Arcserve Cloud Direct BaaS to give them a painless solution that resulted in lowering IT costs and dramatically increasing productivity.

The Arcserve Advantage

Created With the Utmost in Usability and Design

Like all our solutions, UDP Cloud Direct was developed to deliver a consumer-grade user experience. That’s why you can manage its robust capabilities with a few quick clicks on a single web-based interface from anywhere in the world.

Backed by Deeply Knowledgeable Product Support

Our teams are among the most experienced in the data protection industry – expertise we pour into supporting our customers and partners.

Profitable for Channel Partners and Cloud Service Providers

Channel partners and cloud service providers can profitably adopt and manage Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct to support customers who have limited resources but require secure offsite backup and disaster recovery.

Who Chooses Arcserve?