Tech Conversations | Beyond the Arc: The Disaster Recovery Process - Preparing for Hurricanes and Other Catastrophic Events

JUNE 20TH, 2024

Shawn Massey, Arcserve’s Americas VP of Sales, and Damien Stevens, Founder and CEO of Servosity, share valuable information about how you can better protect your data and your business, including:

• 8 Must-Have Components of an Effective Disaster Recovery Plan
• How to Respond to a Disaster
• How to Know if Your Company Is Prepared for a Large-Scale Data Loss
• 7 Crucial Questions to Ask Your Disaster Recover Service Provider

Shawn and Damien discuss the anatomy of a disaster, the first steps you should take following a disaster, the data restoration process, and the importance of disaster recovery testing.

With hurricane season arriving in the U.S., Shawn and Damien also explore the impacts of a disaster beyond IT and what to do about them. 

Shawn also shares a real-life story about a New Orleans-based business's recovery following a fire a few years ago. 

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