Manage and Protect Cloud Workloads

Protect your cloud workloads from data loss and extended downtime.

Securely Transform Your IT Infrastructure With Multi-Cloud and Cross-Cloud Data Protection

During the rise of virtualization, many IT organizations believed they didn’t need solutions to protect and restore their virtual machines (VMs) – yet leaving them unprotected now would be unheard of. Fast forward to today, where 60% of all IT workloads run in the cloud and many believe data availability ranges from “7 nines” to even “9 nines”.

Most major public cloud vendors don‘t provide service level agreements (SLAs) beyond 99.99%, translating to almost one hour of downtime a year and losses of $500,000 USD for a company with $1 billion in revenue. Like any IT workload, your data protection strategy has to cover the cloud, including data in IaaS and SaaS.

Arcserve enables organizations of all sizes to safely benefit from cloud agility and economies of scale with robust, cloud-native technologies that protect you throughout your cloud transformation journey – providing multi-cloud and cross-cloud backup, disaster recovery, and high availability.

Scale up and down on demand. Move from capital expenditures (CapEx) to operating expenses (OpEx). Support your SLAs with flexible recovery time and point objective (RTOs/RPOs). Private or public cloud, your data and systems remain secure and always available.

Transform Your IT Infrastructure With Cloud-Enabled Data Protection Across:

Your Clouds

Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Amazon AWS, Arcserve Cloud, private and other public clouds

Your Applications

Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, SQL Servers, Oracle Database, and more

Find the Cloud Workload Solution That's Right for You

Choose from a full range of capabilities that can cost-effectively address your unique business needs and eliminate layers of disparate tools without sacrificing usability.

Arcserve Cloud Direct

  • Benefit from cloud economies of scale and flexibility with hardware-free, cloud-native backup and recovery as a service (BaaS/DRaaS)
  • Keeps your distributed infrastructures available with sub 5-min RTOs and sub 15-min RPOs
  • Eradicate the effects of ransomware with continuous third-party vulnerability scans, SSL encryption, data rewind, and other controls

Arcserve UDP

  • Streamline your IT environment and mobilize your budget with heterogeneous protection to/from anywhere
  • Increase speed and agility with instant VM recovery, bare-metal restore (BMR), enterprise storage array snapshot support, and virtual standby
  • Guarantees system resiliency with built-in, fully-automated and non-disruptive testing/reporting

Customer Success Spotlight

Westinghouse Lighting Corporation:

Hurricane Sandy No Match for Arcserve Cloud Direct BaaS

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