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With Arcserve, you’re guaranteed right-fit solutions for all your customers, regardless of size, vertical, requirements, or complexity—truly differentiated, next-gen solutions built for today’s data-driven world.


One Vendor. All-in-One Data Protection Platform

With data growth exploding and continuing to be an organization’s most critical asset—and with the threat of ransomware constantly looming—one of the biggest challenges for MSPs is being able to deliver and scale reliable data protection and management services faster and better. With Arcserve, you can leave that struggle behind and focus on delivering high-quality service to your customers. Our solutions footprint spans the entire business continuity category. With Arcserve, you can embrace standardization in your organization.


Why Standardize on Arcserve?

Implement Right-Fit Solutions

From equipping your small-business clients with enterprise-class solutions at a reasonable price point to protecting the most complex of environments, the Arcserve portfolio addresses multiple use cases and supports growth through scalability.

Maximize Profits

Standardizing on Arcserve boosts service desk efficiencies: lower operating and resource costs and enable higher productivity with solutions that you can deploy rapidly and scale and manage with ease. Recover customer data instantly. Access world-class support.

Maximize Revenue

With a solution set that offers smooth deployment, unparalleled recovery times, and access to support, your help desk can run with confidence and speed, easily meeting service-level objectives (SLOs)—all of which allows pricing at maximum returns.


Best-in-Class Data Protection Solutions Built to Tackle Business Challenges

Combat Modern Ransomware
Confidently Protect Customer Data
Drive New Revenue
Eliminate Complexity
Stay Ahead of the Competition
Gain Peace of Mind

Combat Modern Ransomware

With more data to manage and protect, as well as to recover—ransomware attacks on businesses now occur roughly every 11 seconds—the Arcserve technology stack is key to any ransomware defense strategy. Stay ahead of threats with Arcserve’s innovative technologies.

  • Know you’re working with a vendor focused on helping you develop strategies and arm your toolbox to combat modern ransomware
  • Be assured you can provide a multi-modal ransomware defense to customers
  • Protect customers’ data regardless of where it lives
  • Manage customer data protection from anywhere via a cloud-based console

Confidently Protect Customer Data

With reliable solutions designed to meet the most exacting of client requirements, you can rest assured that your customers are well protected, even as ransomware attacks proliferate. Not only that, but you’ll be guaranteed world-class service desk support to manage high-touch customers quickly and easily.

  • Be confident you’re protecting customers’ most critical assets with the very best solutions
  • Know you are providing recovery that is the fastest in the industry
  • Increase customer satisfaction with dependable service desk support
  • Delight client teams with innovative, end-to-end solutions

Drive New Revenue

It’s top of mind for many MSPs: How to source new business and generate leads. With the Arcserve Partner Success Program, you’re guaranteed a differentiated market position that will attract and engage the right type of customer and make it easy to onboard them too.

  • Attract new business with comprehensive solutions
  • Engage with new leads through differentiation and innovation
  • Drive new revenue with end-to-end support
  • Take advantage of a world-class partner program

Eliminate Complexity

Choosing a standardized solution portfolio that eliminates complexity and reduces risk remains one of the biggest challenges for MSPs today. But with the right level of automation and plug-and-play solutions, you can future-proof your business with a portfolio that has flexibility and simplicity at its core.

  • Reduce risk with automated solutions
  • Eliminate complexity with flexible architectures
  • Easily accommodate additional data policies
  • Onboard new customers and deliver services rapidly

Stay Ahead of the Competition

In today’s competitive market, MSPs need to know that they’re offering the best of the best. Arcserve has been a leading innovator for more than three decades—as data continues to be the customer’s most critical asset, Arcserve is doubling down on innovation, staying ahead of the threats and trends so that you don’t have to. All you need to focus on is delivering right-fit solutions to delight your customers.

  • Expand your addressable market with award-winning backup and disaster recovery solutions
  • Get access to business best practices, marketing assists, and other partner resources
  • Worry no more about competitor offerings
  • Keep up with the pace of change easily and simply

Gain Peace of Mind

Arcserve offers MSPs a single source of data protection and business continuity solutions, from on-premises to the cloud, and everything in between. This means a right-fit solution for all businesses, regardless of size, vertical, requirements, or complexity. Our approach gives you complete peace of mind.

  • Access the broadest set of best-in-class solutions
  • Expand your reach with award-winning products
  • Be assured of reliability and affordability
  • Gain complete peace of mind for your customers’ data security

Choose From the Broadest Range of Data Protection and Business Continuity Solutions Available

Be empowered to standardize within the data protection and management category with our comprehensive set of products developed specifically with MSPs in mind.

Arcserve ShadowProtect

  • Continuous, image-based backups
  • Built for SMB customers
  • Fast and easy for smaller environments
  • Reliable disaster recovery

Arcserve SaaS Backup

  • Granular data protection and recovery
  • Ideal for SMB customers using cloud-based applications
  • Multi-tenant solution
  • Microsoft 365, Microsoft 365 Azure AD, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, and Google Workspace data

Arcserve Cloud Direct

  • Direct-to-cloud
  • Backup and disaster recovery 
  • Optimal for MSPs with SMB and midmarket customers
  • No need for local hardware

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