Complete Data Management for State and Local Government

Government organizations of all sizes are often the targets of malicious cyberattacks, but preventing and mitigating risk on government systems can be difficult, expensive, and time-consuming. With modern solutions by Arcserve, your organization gains cost-effective, scalable, and flexible data protection. Learn more about how Arcserve manages and protects sensitive government data across cloud-based and onsite applications and systems.

Solutions for Modern Data Management and Protection

Typically, government institutions are dealing with large amounts of sensitive data. This data is oftentimes stored on outdated legacy systems that can be cumbersome to keep protected, leaving many organizations vulnerable to ransomware attacks. In the past few years, malicious attacks have not only become more common, but also more sophisticated.

Hackers are targeting backups and live systems, leaving unprotected organizations with few to no recovery options.

Trusted Government IT Solutions and Data Recovery

Protecting your organization and constituents' data is a crucial requirement in our modern world, and Arcserve offers comprehensive, easy-to-use data protection to prevent attacks and mitigate data loss.

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"I can't say enough about how well the Arcserve solution has performed in meeting our data storage and protection requirements."

Local Governments Partner With Arcserve to Ensure Data Loss Never Happens Again

In a cyberattack on Grimes County, the sheriff office’s legacy storage subsystem failed, resulting in the loss of almost a year’s worth of squad car and police body cam footage. To prevent data loss from future attacks, the Grimes County Sheriff's Office looked for a solution that was cost-effective, easy to implement, and customizable to its specific needs.

With the support of Arcserve, the sheriff's office was able to:

  • Set up the storage appliance and configure the software in less than an hour
  • Phase out its legacy storage system
  • Get its data protection plan up and running

Arcserve helped the Grimes County Sheriff's Office stay in control of sensitive information—and keep its community safe. Numerous government organizations, including district councils and entire cities, have benefited from Arcserve’s data disaster recovery and prevention options.

Arcserve's Data Management Solutions

With Arcserve's data management solutions, your government institution can recover quickly from malicious attacksand ensure your data is never compromised again.

Protect Against Ransomware
Manage and Protect Cloud Workloads
Simplify Data Management
Ensure Fast Data Recovery and Agile, Ongoing Protection

Protect Against Ransomware

Recover quickly from cyberattacks and minimize fallout with Arcserve data disaster recovery. Then, eliminate future attacks through sophisticated threat prevention and detection.

Manage and Protect Cloud Workloads

Ensure cloud workloads are secure and always available. Cohesive protection measures safeguard data stored in private, public, and hybrid cloud spaces.

Simplify Data Management

Remove siloed, outdated, and over-complicated data protection and storage systems that require heavy resources and time to maintain. Instead, manage and protect data from a single dashboard and give your team more time back.

Ensure Fast Data Recovery and Agile, Ongoing Protection

Minimize downtime with an agile, unified data management and protection system. Experience fast recovery and get ongoing protection from increasingly sophisticated attacks.

eBook: Ransomware Is the Single Greatest Threat to Your System

Government agencies are rapidly expanding their digital footprint. Each new device, application, and platform introduced to your system becomes a new potential target for ransomware. Our eBook explores how to manage exponential growth while protecting yourself from malicious attacks. Learn how to get buy-in to protect your infrastructure and step-by-step instructions to create a battle-ready preparedness plan.

Trusted by Governments Around the World

When malicious attacks on government organizations are successful, the consequences are high. Government institutions are facing more ransomware attacks than ever beforebut with the help of Arcserve, they’re also leading the way in data recovery initiatives. 

From local and state institutions to international organizations, governments trust Arcserve to keep their information safe.

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