Why Organizations Need BDR Software That’s Built to Scale

JULY 23RD, 2020
Backup and disaster recovery (BDR) is simple in concept: Take regular backups, store multiple copies somewhere safe, and be ready to recover. If hardware failure renders a machine useless, restore the data and you’re back up and running. But this simple process becomes very complex when you try to scale it. That’s why many organizations struggle to get it right. It’s also the reason that many BDR solutions like StorageCraft® ShadowXafe™ are packed with features that help organizations minimize the challenges associated with creating and scaling a BDR strategy. Here are some of the biggest problems organizations encounter as they scale, and how the right solution can fix them.

Problem 1: More Decentralized Data

As organizations get bigger, they create more data across more endpoints. And, more than ever, organizations must account for data created by remote workers or employees at remote/branch office and home office locations. Not only must admins backup data across a distributed network, they must also recover systems in places they can’t physically access. Read more about BDR and ROBO in this recent StorageCraft blog post.

Solution: Cloud-Based Management and Recovery

More capable BDR solutions feature a cloud-based management console that admins can use to manage hundreds of endpoints remotely. With solutions like StorageCraft OneSystem it’s easy for admins to deploy to remote machines, implement backup schedules and retention policies, and even recover remotely with a single click. Whether an organization is adding endpoints, recovering data for a single user, or even executing a full-site failover, an admin can do it all without being onsite.

Problem 2: Growing Resource Needs

Between hardware costs, labor, and other operational expenses, BDR becomes a massive cost center as organizations grow.

Solution: End-to-End Data Management and Backup

Using a single unified solution for backup, recovery, and even scale-out storage can help organizations save staff time, storage hardware, and overhead costs. Admins that standardize on one solution save a lot of time and effort. As they familiarize themselves with their chosen solution they become more effective in realizing its benefits. Plus, having a variety of capabilities in a single platform also gives them faster, more convenient ways to manage data, whether they’re storing it, backing it up, or recovering it. And, with scale-out storage, organizations can more effectively use their storage space and avoid inefficient data silos.

Problem 3: Massive Downtime Costs

According to Gartner, downtime can cost a company $300,000 per hour. As organizations scale, those costs go up.

Solution: Reliable Recovery Options

Backups aren’t helpful if you can’t recover them. That’s why BDR software should make reliable recovery possible under nearly any circumstances. StorageCraft ShadowXafe helps admins restore something small, like a deleted document, or something large, like an entire remote branch, in seconds. That protects organizations from small-scale data loss caused by user error as well as large scale downtime caused by a full site outage or other disasters.

Problem 4: Complex Infrastructures

Organizations often have hybrid environments. With a mix of physical and virtual machines it’s hard to ensure that all data is backed up and recoverable.

Solution: Flexibility for Hybrid Environments

BDR solutions must be malleable enough to adapt to a variety of IT environments. ShadowXafe lets admins back up physical and virtual machines. When a failure event requires quick recovery, admins can spin up a backup as a virtual machine, either locally or with StorageCraft Cloud Services. For a permanent recovery, you can restore physical machines to virtual machines or restore virtual machines to physical hardware. This flexibility ensures that you can safeguard and restore data no matter the format.

Standardize on StorageCraft

BDR is hard but it’s a lot easier with the right BDR solution. Standardizing on one solution that provides reliable, scalable data protection is a must for any growing organization. Looking for end-to-end data protection that’s as easy to manage as it is to scale? Schedule your StorageCraft demo to see how easy it can be to protect data, no matter what.

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