VARs: How to Grow Your Revenues by Capitalizing on Market Demand for Data Resilience Solutions

JULY 12TH, 2023

If you’re a value-added reseller (VAR), there are plenty of potential growth opportunities in your future. Digital Journal reports that the VAR software market is projected to grow to $6.38 billion by 2030, a CAGR of more than 6 percent. That’s because, as a VAR, you play a vital role in creating unique solutions to meet the specific needs of your customers. 

Staying ahead of that market demand is crucial for maximizing your revenues, but standing out from the competition is more challenging than ever. Winning and keeping customers requires that you differentiate your company from other VARs through expertise, exceptional service, and software solutions that solve customer problems.

In today’s fast-changing landscape of data resilience solutions, Arcserve offers VARs like you an opportunity to leverage your existing expertise to do just that. Whether you’re already selling Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) 9.0 to advance enterprise data resilience, are still using Arcserve 8.x (or an earlier version), or haven’t discovered the benefits of the Arcserve UDP and the Arcserve Partner Success Program, here are some of the ways we can help you grow your business.

Not an Arcserve Partner? Arcserve UDP 9.0 Could Convince You

If you haven’t joined the Arcserve Partner Success Program or aren’t selling Arcserve UDP, you’re missing out on a substantial opportunity. Built with your VAR business in mind, the partner program makes getting rewarded incredibly easy, with reasonable thresholds, powerful incentives, and compelling benefits.

First, you’ll be selling innovative, pioneering technology that’s recognized worldwide. And Arcserve products offer simple, flexible integrations with leading technologies to reduce admin time and maximize margins. Our comprehensive product suite lets you deliver a complete data management solution.

That brings us to Arcserve UDP 9.0. When you describe to your customers how Arcserve UDP 9.0 can add new levels of data resilience to their business, you immediately differentiate yourself from the competition. That can open doors, helping you win new customers and grow your business with existing customers. And it positions you as a trusted provider of proven, integrated cybersecurity solutions. 

With fast, simple, system-level and granular recovery, including instant SQL recovery, Arcserve empowers you with advanced capabilities that elevate your offerings. By seamlessly combining immutable storage with Arcserve UDP, you can boost customer confidence while increasing your revenues. Learn more about the Arcserve Partner Success Program here.

Evolve With Arcserve UDP and Unlock New Revenue Streams

If you’re a VAR currently supporting Arcserve UDP 8.x or older—or your customers aren’t on a maintenance program for the software—you’ll want to check out the host of new and advanced features Arcserve UDP 9.0 offers you and your customers. 

By helping your customers embrace this latest version of Arcserve UDP—and taking advantage of the advances in enterprise data resilience it offers—you’ll gain a seamless path toward achieving your growth objectives. That includes effortlessly delivering easily scalable disaster recovery (DR) and offsite backup with built-in identity access management (IAM) and zero trust security

By capitalizing on what you already know—including your expertise with Arcserve products—you can offer enhanced services and bring in new revenue streams.

Enhance Data Resilience and Differentiate with Arcserve UDP 9.0

If you’re a VAR that’s already selling Arcserve UPD 9.0, you’ve seen the results the software can deliver firsthand. That’s why it makes sense to spotlight this crucial differentiator by sharing with your customers how Arcserve UDP’s strengths include its ransomware protection with immutable storage and seamless integration with cost-effective cloud infrastructures.  

Even better, because Arcserve UDP 9.0 is a complete and robust solution, you can deliver added benefits to your customers, including simplicity and operational efficiency, all from a single vendor. Add it all up, and partnering with Arcserve can help you attract new customers and expand your footprint with existing customers.  

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