Why “Contract to Hire” IT Positions Don't Make Sense for Anyone

MARCH 19TH, 2024

IT skills are at a premium these days. In a study from Statista, over 40 percent of respondents worldwide expect shortages in nearly every IT position. The software engineering IT segment is where the shortage is most striking (and record-breaking), with an astonishing 1 million tech job vacancies that employers hope will be fulfilled. 

At the same time, global IT spending on software grew more than 12 percent year-over-year to $913 billion last year. Taken together, it’s clear finding great IT people for your company isn’t easy.

That competitive landscape has led some businesses to offer “contract to hire” employment strategies to fill gaps. Unfortunately, this approach reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of IT workforce dynamics—and often fails to help these companies meet their long-term staffing goals and IT objectives.

That’s why partnering with value-added resellers (VARs) may be the most sensible approach to ensuring your organization’s systems and solutions are efficient and effective.

Understanding IT Professionals: Contractors vs. Permanent Employees

IT pros typically take one of two career paths: contractor/consultant or permanent, full-time employee. Each group has distinct career goals, lifestyle choices, and professional motivations. Permanent full-time employees (FTEs) usually seek stability, benefits, and a sense of belonging to an organization. Contractors, on the other hand, tend to value flexibility, greater earning potential, and the opportunity to work on diverse projects that accelerate career advancement and learning.

The IT ”contract to hire” staffing model tries to bridge these two paths but often fails to meet the needs or preferences of either group. For permanent employees, the initial contract period may not include the stability and benefits they want. They also recognize that while the promise of conversion to full-time status is being presented, it may not actually happen. That uncertainty can be a roadblock for IT professionals looking to become FTEs. 

Contractors also aren’t likely to be satisfied in “contract to hire” roles that may restrict their options and don’t align with their career goals. For both groups, this creates a talent mismatch that may leave your company struggling to fill critical IT roles effectively.

Why Value-Added Resellers are a Sensible Solution

In today’s challenging hiring environment, VARs can help you meet your IT objectives thanks to a deep understanding of the technology landscape, including the latest trends, threats, and solutions. VARs typically offer more than just software; they add value through customized services and solutions, implementation support, and ongoing service and maintenance.

Here are four reasons your business should consider partnering with a VAR:

Access specialized expertise and knowledge in various IT disciplines, offering tailored solutions to meet your unique business needs. 

Get cost-effective solutions and competitive pricing thanks to VARs' close relationships with software providers, in-depth knowledge of available technologies, and ability to provide integrated services that reduce your total cost of ownership.

Focus on your core business and leave the complexities of IT to the experts, improving efficiency and productivity and ensuring you can meet any IT challenges that come your way.

Get the latest solutions because VARs stay abreast of technology advancements—it’s their business, after all—so you can access the latest tools and solutions, driving innovation and efficiency.

VARs and Your IT Strategy

With plenty of business challenges and a competitive IT talent market, working with a VAR may be your best bet for implementing technologies that drive your business forward. The most effective VARs don’t offer products. They provide comprehensive solutions that address your unique requirements. That, combined with a deep understanding of technology trends and extensive IT expertise, can make VARs an invaluable partner in achieving your business and IT objectives.

Arcserve is a 100 percent channel-focused company, partnering with leading VARs to deliver cutting-edge data protection, backup, and disaster recovery solutions. One of the solutions our VAR partners offer is Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) software. 

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