VARs: How to Enhance Customer Confidence and Increase Revenues by Offering a Seamless Data Resilience Solution

JULY 26TH, 2023

According to Digital Journal, the value-added reseller (VAR) software market will grow to $6.38 billion by 2030—a 6 percent CAGR. There are plenty of good reasons for that kind of growth. 

First and foremost, your expertise, customization capabilities, and experience help your customers achieve their goals. But there’s more to the story, with a recent CIO Review article noting that VARs “use their expertise to increase the value of an existing system or platform. As an intermediary, VARs ensure growing companies get what they need without paying for systems or features they won't use.”

Data Resilience Is the Goal, But Getting There Can Be Complex

Customers look to VARs like you because they face challenges when integrating new and innovative technologies into their existing infrastructure. These include compatibility problems that may pop up, data migrations that can be complex—and consume tons of IT time—and a lack of the right skills and experience to ensure things go smoothly.

That’s especially true when it comes to data resilience. While a recent independent global study commissioned by Arcserve found that 83 percent of organizations include data resilience in their strategies, only 23 percent have a mature approach with associated goals to track progress. That’s where your position as a trusted advisor can be bolstered by bringing your customers a seamless data resilience solution. And that unlocks the door to capturing new revenues.

Make Data Resilience Your Differentiator

As an Arcserve technology partner, you can kick that door wide open by offering Arcserve Unified Data Protection(UDP). Arcserve UDP is a seamless solution that lets you effortlessly deliver easily scalable disaster recovery and offsite backup

You’ll bolster your position as a trusted advisor when you offer a proven solution like Arcserve UDP thanks to its fast, simple, system-level granular recovery—including instant SQL recovery. The software simplifies processes across all storage platforms, whether local, virtual, cloud or even multi-cloud environments. And, because it’s sourced from a single vendor, you can count on operational efficiency with Arcserve UDP.

You’ll also elevate your offering—and revenue potential—while increasing your customers’ confidence because Arcserve UDP is a seamless solution that delivers the power of immutable storage, including support for Amazon S3 Object Lock. And it offers an affordable cloud infrastructure. 

When your customers recognize that they can recover their data no matter what, thanks to your efforts, it will only strengthen your relationships further. Many of your customers—and potential customers—will also appreciate that Arcserve UDP protects Microsoft 365 workloads (Exchange Online, Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive) on-premises.

Enhanced Security and Access Management

With Arcserve UDP, you’ll be helping your customers prevent ransomware attacks on critical disaster recovery infrastructure with available Sophos Intercept X Advanced for Server. That ensures you’re offering proactive backup security that stops any threat with signature-less deep learning that detects both known and unknown malware.

And the software delivers granular security with flexible management capabilities using tenant-level security and storage controls, including identity access management (IAM) and a zero-trust approach to keeping unauthorized users out. 

Slash Customer Downtime 

When you offer Arcserve UDP, you can reduce your customers’ downtime from days to minutes and validate recovery time and recovery point objectives (RTOs/RPOs) and service-level agreements with automated testing and granular reporting. 

You can meet your customers’ requirements for fast restores, too, with instant virtual machine (VM) and bare metal recovery (BMR), local and remote virtual standby, application-consistent backup and granular restore, hardware snapshot support, and extensions that deliver high availability and tape support.

Cloud-Based Management Console Adds Flexibility

Arcserve UDP can be managed using either an on-premises private or cloud-based management console. Long used on-premises by IT pros, the private management console is a good choice if your customer requires more limited access. 

The cloud-based management console is perfect for multitenancy, making it simple to configure sub-organizations, manage them as different tenants, and separate workloads into different domains for easier management. Add it all up, and Arcserve UDP gives your customer's a simpler, seamless data resilience solution.

Join Forces With a Committed Partner

Arcserve is a 100 percent channel-focused company, and we are committed to supporting our channel partners’ success. That includes continually improving our products to ensure they meet and exceed customer expectations. You can read about our recent improvements to Arcserve UDP in this blog post. 

Visit the Arcserve Partner Success Program page to learn more about how we can help you drive new revenues and capture new customers. Or check out our Arcserve UDP demo and 30-day free trial offer.