VARs: Differentiating Your Offerings with Unified Data Protection

OCTOBER 26TH, 2023
Vitali Edrenkine
EVP, Worldwide Sales & Marketing

We work closely with our reseller technology partners here at Arcserve because we recognize your challenges in growing revenues and adding new clients.  

Competition is intense, new technologies and changing markets demand continual investment in training and development, and pricing pressures can result in razor-thin margins. 

Data is your clients’ and prospects’ most precious asset. But threats to that data are increasing daily, with two-thirds of organizations hit by ransomware last year, according to the Sophos State of Ransomware 2023 report. The report also found that the average ransom was $1.54 million, and the mean recovery cost—excluding the ransom—was $1.82 million. That's why unified data protection and data resilience is more important than ever.

Threats Drive Increased Investments in Data Protection

Delivering data resiliency to your clients and prospects takes more than ransomware protection. The Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report 2023 found that 74 percent of breaches involved the human element—social engineering attacks, errors, or misuse. And the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) lists known exploited vulnerabilities that fill hundreds of pages.

That’s more than most organizations can handle, with internal IT teams typically already stretched thin. Market predictions support this premise, with Statista projecting the data loss prevention market will grow to $3.5 billion by the end of 2025. 

This is a ripe opportunity for VARs like you to capture. But turning prospects into clients—and increasing revenue with existing clients—demands that your portfolio include compelling data protection offerings, differentiating your company from the competition. Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) can help you get there.

Prevention: Powerful Cybersecurity Provides a First Line of Defense

The first feature setting Arcserve UDP apart from competitive offerings is our unique partnership with cybersecurity solutions provider and industry innovator Sophos. You can open minds and doors when you explain that Arcserve UDP includes Sophos Intercept X Advanced for Server, providing a robust first line of defense against cyberattacks.

Intercept X Advanced uses a deep-learning neural network to protect your clients’ backups by detecting known and unknown malware without relying on signatures. The software also responds quickly to threats by including CryptoGuard and WipeGuard. These features use behavioral analysis to stop never-before-seen ransomware and boot-record attacks. 

Protection: Immutable Backups and More Ensure Data Resilience

Arcserve UDP safeguards your clients' data because it can be saved in an immutable store. Once written, immutable backups can’t be overwritten, altered, or deleted, even by admins. Immutability can be achieved on-premises by pairing Arcserve UDP with Arcserve OneXafe network-attached storage appliances and other hardware and in the cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Object Lock.

The software also supports physical and logical air-gapping, adding another line of defense against data loss. Arcserve UDP ensures your clients’ systems and applications in cloud, virtual, and physical environments are secure and scalable, enabling them to add capacity on demand.

Recovery: Availability and Business Continuity

When you offer Arcserve UDP, you deliver cluster-like data and application availability to your clients. Virtual copies of backups are readily available on a wide range of platforms, including:


• Microsoft Azure

• Microsoft Hyper-V

• VMware vSphere

• Nutanix AHV

Arcserve UDP’s Instant VM feature lets your clients quickly spin up business-critical system backups as virtual machines (VMs) on demand. They can also schedule automated data disaster recovery tests with advanced reporting for stakeholders with Assured Recovery. And you'll be able to offer your clients granular restoration of individual files, emails, Active Directory objects, SharePoint documents, and Oracle Database tables.

Lowest TCO and Compelling Partner Benefits

As an Arcserve technology partner, you offer solutions from the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) unified data resilience provider. More importantly, as a 100 percent channel-focused company, we’ve built the Arcserve Partner Success Program around your requirements.

That includes offering reasonable thresholds, exciting incentives, compelling benefits, and practical, efficient sales support. We’ll also help your team gain essential expertise and experience via Arcserve Academy, our training and certification program with self-paced online courses and instructor-led training for engineers and sales professionals.

Get with the Program

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