Top 3 Reasons MSPs Use ShadowXafe for Data Protection

MAY 30TH, 2019
MSPs are responsible for stopping downtime, safeguarding data, and ensuring that no disaster—large or small—stops the productivity of their clients. It’s no easy task when MSPs must juggle vendors, become experts in various solutions, and integrate them, all while trying to make operations run as efficiently as possible. We expanded the functionality of ShadowXafe™ to address challenges like these. In its latest version, ShadowXafe gives MSPs a uniquely streamlined, sophisticated approach to data protection and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). With ShadowXafe, our MSP partners can leverage the latest protection and DR tech and make their teams more productive. Here’s a glimpse at the three biggest benefits our MSP partners enjoy when using ShadowXafe.

1. Industry-Leading Data Protection

ShadowXafe brings a variety of data protection technologies into one platform to give MSPs unmatched backup and recovery functionality. With both on-premises and cloud-based data protection, MSPs can offer total business continuity and orchestrated recovery with a single click. The advanced technologies built into ShadowXafe allow our MSP partners to: [caption id="attachment_28820" align="alignright" width="300"]
Rather than integrating multiple data protection solutions, ShadowXafe helps MSPs standardize on one that’s easy to deploy, provision, and scale.[/caption]
  • Create image-based backups – Image-based backups take a snapshot of the operating system, applications, services, and configuration settings, and data volumes. An integrated verification process ensures that backups are reliable for a fast and full system recovery every time.
  • Recover anything – ShadowXafe allows users to recover files and folders and restore entire systems in seconds. With patented VirtualBoot technology, users can instantly spin up a VM of a backup to prevent costly downtime.
  • Flexibly recover anywhere – ShadowXafe offers many ways to recover. Users can restore backups to bare metal, dissimilar hardware, and common virtual environments, or even directly from the cloud.
  • Create hybrid backup and recovery – ShadowXafe also lets users create and store backups locally, in their own data center, or in the StorageCraft Cloud. With flexible options, they can ensure redundancy in backups and recovery capabilities, and even restore machines from the cloud with a single click.

2. Simplified Solution Management

Over time, MSPs can end up running a patchwork of solutions in an attempt to power their DRaaS offering. But when different solutions provide backups, virtualization, and cloud-based storage and recovery, MSPs have a house of cards that can tumble down with one bad patch. So, rather than cobbling together multiple data protection solutions, ShadowXafe helps MSPs standardize on a single approach that’s easy to deploy, provision, and scale.
The solution is controlled by a single cloud-based console called OneSystem. With OneSystem, MSPs can easily monitor and manage backups remotely, create policies, administer data protection based on SLAs, and more. With a single powerful workspace, MSPs can reduce the time and operational costs associated with maintaining complex DR systems.

3. Focused Vendor Relationships

As an MSP, you might have several vendors for data protection. But what if you could go all-in with one provider? Working with a single vendor lets you reduce acquisition and operational costs, gives you a single point of contact for sales and support, and lets you focus training so your team can more quickly gain expertise and onboard customers. Plus, when you’re ready to grow the business, scaling quickly is much simpler when you have just one vendor to work with—especially if that vendor is StorageCraft because ShadowXafe is built to scale with exceptional ease. With StorageCraft, MSPs can easily cut down their vendor list and focus on their customers and on running the business.


ShadowXafe is an all-in-one data protection solution that lets MSPs provide their clients with reliability, speed, and flexible recovery options. If you’re interested in experiencing a single turnkey solution that can power a better backup and DR experience for your customers, book your demo now. If you’d like to partner with StorageCraft, sign up today.