MSPs: How to Grow Your Business with World-Class Data Protection and Management Solutions for Every Customer

JUNE 22ND, 2022

In The State of Managed Services Report 2022, the Technology & Services Industry Association says that the three most significant challenges facing MSPs are business growth, customer retention, and profitability. The same report also notes that managed services have been one of the fastest-growing revenue engines in technology for the past two years, with 20 percent year over year growth. Given all the complexities of today’s digital business and the rampant rise of cyber threats like ransomware, that's not surprising.

More than 90 percent of data breaches are related to cyberattacks. Ransomware attacks have hit 66 percent of organizations surveyed in Sophos The State of Ransomware 2022. Add in the challenges of setting up, managing, and monitoring a modern data center and virtual, physical, cloud, and hybrid cloud environments, and it’s clear that internal IT teams need help. That spells opportunity for MSPs.

Data Protection: The Perfect Entry or Expansion Point

Your customers’ data is growing by leaps and bounds. But one of the biggest challenges for MSPs is delivering and scaling reliable data protection and management services faster and better. That’s where Arcserve has you covered, with a portfolio that ensures you equip your customers with effective, ironclad business continuity solutions, whether it's a small business or a global enterprise.

With today’s heightened awareness of cyberattacks and ransomware, the Arcserve technology stack is the foundation for an effective defense, offering best-in-class data protection solutions built to combat threats to your customers’ crucial data. Working with Arcserve will set you apart from the competition.

When you partner with Arcserve, you gain a partner focused on helping you develop data protection strategies while arming you with tools that combat modern ransomware. That includes protecting your customers’ data no matter where it’s stored. And with Arcserve, customer data protection can be managed from anywhere via a cloud-based console.

Better Protection, Less Complexity, Happier Customers

Arcserve makes it possible for you to offer reliable solutions designed to meet each of your customers’ specific requirements. And you’ll be able to further differentiate your offerings by delivering the fastest end-to-end recovery solutions in the industry.

By choosing a standardized solution portfolio, you eliminate complexity and reduce your risks. Arcserve takes you even further with built-in automation and plug-and-play solutions that keep things simple and flexible architectures that easily adapt as your customers’ needs and data policies change.

We also make it easy to onboard new customers and quickly deliver services. And Arcserve’s role doesn’t end with deployment, offering guaranteed world-class service desk support to manage high-touch customers rapidly. Dependable support means increased customer satisfaction.

Drive New Revenue with an Added Competitive Edge

Arcserve is committed to innovating in data protection and staying ahead of threats and changes still to come. We help you expand your addressable market by delivering right-fit, reliable, affordable, award-winning backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Better solutions help you beat the competition and drive new revenues. And Arcserve gives you access to business best practices, marketing support, and valuable resources, including online training modules to turn your team into business continuity superstars. And the Arcserve Partner Channel Success Program has reasonable thresholds and compelling incentives and benefits.

Free Trials: See for Yourself

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a free trial is priceless (literally). Check out our free trial offers to see how simple and effective Arcserve solutions are. And visit our channel partner page to learn more about working with Arcserve.