MSPs: How to Differentiate Your Business By Delivering Business Resiliency


Standing out in a competitive marketplace brings plenty of challenges for MSPs. The most successful MSPs have learned to go beyond the basics, delivering real business value and earning a seat at their customers’ IT decision-making table. The numbers bear this out: Channel Futures 2020 MSP 501 List showed that MSPs with the highest revenues, revenues per employee, and most importantly, profits, also had the highest percentage of recurring revenue. From our perspective, recurring revenue is one of the strongest indicators of a solid, long-term relationship between an MSP and its clients because it involves both a commitment and a company’s precious data.

But those recurring revenues didn’t land on those MSPs’ P&Ls by accident. They’re likely the result of a diligent, dedicated approach to solving their customers’ challenges. For most companies today, business resiliency sits at the top of that list of challenges. Earning a seat at your customers’ IT decision-making table (if you don’t already have one) for your MSP—and keeping it—starts by delivering resiliency to your customers. And that means ensuring fast recovery from virtually any disaster.

Where MSPs Fit In

From an IT standpoint, there are three components to creating a resilient organization:

  • Availability
    • Eliminating or minimizing the incidence of downtime or disruptions
  • Recoverability
    • Preventing critical data loss
  • Redundancy
    • Aligning backup and disaster recovery with continuity and compliance requirements

Meeting these needs is where you can shine because customers are struggling to achieve resiliency on their own. That’s especially true as digital transformation becomes a competitive imperative for more and more organizations of every size.

The DRaaS Opportunity

Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) delivers on all three of the components listed above. IDC’s State of IT Resilience Survey 2019 found that less than half of the surveyed organizations had cloud backups in place and just over one-third had deployed DRaaS. Of the organizations surveyed in the IDC study, 38 percent say they planned to deploy new backup and recovery systems. And Verified Market Research projects the DRaaS market will grow to $38.91 billion by 2027—a 41.6 percent CAGR—presenting a big opportunity for MSPs to capture this recurring revenue.

Simplify Resiliency for Your Customers

StorageCraft recognized the need for DRaaS early on, focusing on building solutions that make it easy for you to deliver business resiliency to your customers. The end result is a much simpler, more secure, and flexible business resiliency approach—and, another step forward in serving in a strategic role for your customers. Most importantly, your customers will be happier, too. And let’s not forget the impact that recurring revenues can have on the financial success of your business.

Differentiate With StorageCraft

With ShadowXafe next-generation data protection software and OneXafe Solo plug-and-protect backup appliance, both of which tightly integrate with StorageCraft Cloud Services, our highly secure, scalable DRaaS offering, we can help you deliver the business resilience your customers want.

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