MSPs: How Arcserve Cloud Services Deliver Unmatched Flexibility for Hybrid and On-Prem Environments


Your customers and prospects are migrating to the cloud in a big way because doing so offers accessibility, cost-efficiency, and more. The numbers reflect that shift, with Gartner forecasting worldwide public cloud end-user spending will reach nearly $600 billion this year, a 21.7 percent increase from 2022. 

But that doesn’t mean on-prem data centers are going away. A Google Report found that 48 percent of technology leaders say they were “mostly hybrid” in 2022, up from 40 percent two years prior. And SRG Research found that on-prem data centers still comprise 40 percent of capacity. 

While Gartner also says data centers are shrinking, the analyst adds that IT teams will adopt cloud principles, which include looking to the cloud for data backup and disaster recovery. And it explains why The Business Research Company projects that the global disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) market will grow to $11.07 billion in 2023—a breathtaking CAGR of 37.1 percent. 

As an MSP, this is a shining opportunity to grow your business with existing customers and attract new customers. Arcserve can help you get there.

Cloud Services Open Doors

While your customers can usually recover from server failure and other common problems using local backups, a site-wide disaster can destroy those backups. When you offer Arcserve Cloud Services DRaaS, your customers get the best of both worlds, knowing they can recover on-prem business systems and data in a cloud purpose-built for business continuity.

Your customers and prospects are already aware of the ever-growing number of threats they face. Your opportunity lies in helping them be proactive about ransomware protection, data backup solutions, and disaster recovery. Arcserve Cloud Services offers a compelling solution for hybrid and on-prem environments.

Arcserve Solutions Help You Deliver Multilayered Data Protection 

Arcserve Cloud Services offers you more sales opportunities when paired with our backup and recovery solutions

Your customers can replicate backup images from Arcserve OneXafe Solo, our plug-and-play data protection appliance perfect for simpler environments. Or they can choose our ShadowXafe or ShadowProtect data protection software. 

As a top five data protection vendor with the leading unified data resilience platform, we also offer the broadest set of best-in-class solutions for helping your customers manage, protect, and recover all data workloads, from SMBs to enterprises, regardless of location or complexity. And we’re here to help you open doors and close deals.

Cloud Services Ensure Operational Certainty

You’ll further earn your customers’ trust when they see Arcserve Cloud Services' capabilities firsthand. That starts with 99.999+ percent uptime in our highly distributed and fault-tolerant recovery cloud. So they can be confident their data is always available. 

Our premium-level cloud lets you pre-stage site-wide failover processes so you can test or execute a failover for customers with a single click. That’s quite a selling point. Your customers can also take advantage of features including file and folder recovery, machine virtualization, and instant failover of an entire site and network. That means their network can run in the Arcserve cloud just as it would onsite—another big selling point.

Arcserve Cloud Services also centralizes the management and monitoring of your accounts with an easy-to-use, self-service online portal.

Customize Solutions for Every Customer

As an MSP, you know that every customer’s situation is unique. That’s why Arcserve makes it easy for you to customize cloud storage to fit their needs, whether their environment is small and straightforward or large and complex. 

With Arcserve, you can offer your customers and prospects the service level they need. That helps them control cloud costs while you add new revenue streams. And, because your customers can count on predictable monthly pricing, there won’t be any surprises when the bill arrives.

Count on a Committed Partner and the Lowest TCO

Whether you’re already an Arcserve MSP technology partner or considering joining forces with us, our commitment to you is unwavering. We’re here to help you further embed your MSP into your customers’ businesses as a trusted partner. And we’re here to help you win new business. 

We also make growing your business uncomplicated, with simple, tiered service levels, best-in-class dedicated MSP support services, use-based billing, and streamlined invoicing.

Even better, we’re the industry's lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) unified data resilience solution provider, so your customers can count on getting good value for their investment.

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