MSP CNS IT Delivers Data Protection for Smaller Organizations by Partnering With Arcserve


While smaller organizations may have fewer employees, they are still a big target for hackers. According to the nonprofit Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), cybersecurity incidents targeting small businesses reached a record high in 2023, at 73 percent

But even small businesses can have complex IT needs to ensure they can keep their employees productive and their business profitable. CNS IT Ltd., a UK-based managed services provider (MSP), helps ensure that’s the case by delivering end-to-end IT services, from support and technical advice to cybersecurity, ransomware protection, backup and recovery.

CNS’s highly trained engineers provide services on par with an internal IT department, offering advice, third-line support, and day-to-day problem-solving to fill resource gaps and enable customers to focus on their core business. CNS has earned its customers’ trust by delivering consistent, high-quality services, resulting in a high retention rate, with many of its clients counting on the company for over ten years. 

Fast Response, Reliable Results

As an MSP, CNS must provide fast, efficient customer response. “We’re a relatively small team, but we pride ourselves on providing a top-tier service to our customers,” said Jason Fletcher, IT Manager at CNS IT Ltd. “We need reliable and effective tools so we can spend our time consulting with customers, not managing solutions.”

Backup and recovery capabilities are a vital component of CNS’s services. In the event of a server outage, ransomware, wiper attack, or data loss, CNS must be able to provide its customers with speedy solutions to minimize the impact on productivity and profitability. Its customers must also comply with industry regulations and auditing requirements, such as GDPR, especially when winning contracts with larger organizations. 

“Our customers’ success is our success, so we need to keep them working productively,” said Fletcher. “With multiple customer platforms, we were using various data backup solutions to support them, which wasn’t efficient.” To simplify and streamline backup and recovery, CNS decided to find a single solution that could protect all its customer platforms and was straightforward to manage.

Arcserve and Sophos Deliver the Solution

CNS selected Arcserve Unified Data Protection. (UDP), secured by Sophos Intercept X Advanced for Server in early 2020 because it offers an extensive backup and data protection feature set. “Arcserve UDP has strong data deduplication and compression capabilities and segregates backups from different sources, which is vital to protect against ransomware attacks,” said Fletcher. “The inclusion of Microsoft 365 protection within the same management interface is extremely beneficial for customers’ Microsoft 365 environments, as Microsoft only offers limited protectionas standard.” 

With Arcserve UDP data protection software, CNS can provide comprehensive backup and recovery across onsite, data center, and cloud-based customer environments. Around 100 physical and virtual servers, including all unstructured data, databases, and applications, are protected for customers. 

More than six petabytes of data is reduced to 250 terabytes once compressed. Thanks to this data reduction, CNS can offer clients unlimited retention and storage capacity. Data is backed up at the customer site and replicated offsite to two separate UK data center locations. In the event of a server outage or data loss, CNS engineers can easily mount a disk, browse the recovery image, and spin up the workload on a virtual machine (VM), ensuring it’s quick and easy to get the business up and running again.

Cost-Effective Enterprise-Grade Data Backup Solutions

With Arcserve UDP, CNS can offer efficient and cost-effective enterprise-standard backup and recovery processes for smaller enterprises, regardless of size. The company’s seamless service provides customers peace of mind and helps them meet their regulatory requirements.

“When it comes to auditing, it’s easy for our clients to tick the right boxes as their data is backed up to two offsite locations and fully encrypted,” explains Fletcher. “Many of our clients are looking to achieve Cyber Essentials certification, and our approach to backup with Arcserve makes this straightforward.” 

With a standard, centralized solution for all its customers, CNS can manage backups more efficiently. Daily management involves checking backup success on a single dashboard rather than looking through pages of email logs. Although it wasn’t a key objective when the company went to market, with Arcserve CNS has also been able to reduce the window from six or seven hours to less than 30 minutes for nightly incremental backups. 

“We have a highly skilled team of engineers. Equipped with Arcserve, they can effectively deal with any issues or customer requests that might arise,” comments Fletcher. “The Arcserve solutions are flexible, scalable, and efficient, so we can focus on developing customer relationships rather than managing backups.”

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