IT Support Services and Consulting Firm Chooses OneXafe Solo for SMB Client Backup and Recovery

MAY 26TH, 2022

According to a recent survey from Intuit, more than 40 percent of small and medium businesses (SMBs) have been hit with a cybersecurity breach. With the move to remote and hybrid work environments over the past few years, security became a primary focus of TMG Sydney’s SMB clients. TMG is a one-stop provider of IT support services and consulting for SMBs, with over 50 years of experience. The company prides itself on meeting the needs of its clients with cost-effective, personalized IT solutions and expertise tailored to their specific needs.

Data Backup Moves to the Forefront

As remote work became mainstream, data backup emerged as a crucial component for clients. In response, TMG introduced enterprise-level practices for data protection and disaster recovery (DR). “Many of our clients were increasingly aware of the risks of having their valuable data destroyed or lost permanently, in case of an attack or a breakdown. What they weren’t sold on was investing a lot of money in an effective data backup and recovery solution that met their business needs,” said Daniel Reyerink, Director at TMG.

Recognizing that the SMBs TMG serves constantly deal with competing priorities and limited resources, putting sound cybersecurity practices in place is challenging. One TMG financial services client learned the cybersecurity lesson the hard way. “Our customer was using extra storage on file servers and relying on staff members to manually change cartridges, putting their valuable data at greater risk of human error. The customer lost a lot of sensitive data when they failed to change the cartridge and fell victim to an attack,” said Reyerink.

TMG sought a solution that optimized and streamlined backup processes to achieve its mission of modernizing its clients’ backup and recovery practices. After experimenting with various available solutions, TMG struggled to find a reliable solution that fits within a typical SMBs limited budget.

OneXafe Solo: Data Protection and Business Continuity in One Solution

TMG was aware of Arcserve data protection solutions and decided to look into OneXafe Solo, an all-in-one total business continuity solution with powerful data protection features and cloud-based management. TMG liked OneXafe Solo’s simple plug-and-play approach because it only took two hours to deploy, resulting in minimal downtime for its clients. Thanks to Arcserve OneSystem, included with OneXafe Solo, TMG’s clients also get real-time monitoring, reporting, and visibility from any location. And storage management with OneSystem is intuitive and straightforward, while OneXafe is easy to manage, eliminating time wasted with day-to-day maintenance.

TMG chose OneXafe Solo because it offers a range of deployment options for environments with limited infrastructure—lack of local storage or virtual environments, for example—delivering data protection for any infrastructure. OneXafe Solo takes data snapshots at regular intervals, ensuring TMG’s clients’ can easily recover their files. And OneXafe Solo quickly reboots backup images as VMs using Arcserve VirtualBoot technology, making it possible for TMG to recover files and folders in seconds and entire systems in minutes.

Fully integrated with Arcserve Cloud Services disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), OneXafe Solo gives TMG’s clients total business continuity with orchestrated one-click failover in the cloud. That means an entire infrastructure can quickly be recovered. And OneXafe Solo’s pay as you grow model gives TMG’s clients easy scalability for their ever-growing data and storage requirements.

“No other solution had the price that was competitive for the value that OneXafe Solo offered us. For us, the biggest benefit of OneXafe Solo is what’s truly invaluable—the peace of mind that comes from the knowledge that our client’s data is protected at all times,” said Reyerink.   

Simplified Secondary Storage

Since implementing OneXafe Solo, TMG has simplified its clients’ secondary storage infrastructure while offering easy deployment, use, and management. “We can be sure that incremental backups are happening automatically, and if an incident occurs, we can virtually set up a server in the space of a few minutes,” said Reyerink.

And OneXafe Solo’s internal disks are essentially untouchable by cybercriminals and ransomware attackers. “Security will be top of mind for every SMB for a long time to come, and it is no longer optional to secure their environment and have a reliable data backup and recovery system. OneXafe Solo allows us to offer a cost-effective business continuity solution with superior performance, adding immense value to what we do for our clients.”

“We don’t want to ever have the difficult conversation with any of our clients that they’ve lost five years of data. OneXafe Solo should be central to every SMB’s security strategy, and if the customer is not willing to invest in it, they’re no customer of ours. Now more than ever, everyone should be using it,” concluded Reyerink.

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