How This UK-Based MSP Protects Its Customers' Office 365 Data


The cloud has changed not only how we communicate, but how we work as well. Cloud applications offer the immense advantage of data access from anywhere, any time. The cloud also makes it possible for multiple users to change the same document on the fly, from anywhere.

But businesses are often surprised to learn that cloud-based applications, such as Microsoft Office 365, don't offer backup services. Microsoft protects data from incidents that may happen at its data centers, but business files are not safe from accidental or malicious deletion. Thus, there is a clear need for MSPs to provide their clients with a robust backup and recovery solution for Office 365.

Air IT, an award-winning MSP based in the UK, is a trusted technology partner to over 400 clients. With comprehensive expertise across IT, communications, and security, Air IT covers all technology needs under one roof. Air IT's previous vendor for Office 365 backup lacked the level of responsiveness needed for a successful partnership, so the MSP decided to explore alternatives. At the same time, Air IT was taking steps to consolidate its vendor portfolio in order to streamline operations and ensure the highest-quality service.

At the point Air IT embarked on its consolidation project, it had been working with StorageCraft for about four years. The vendor's vision and ongoing product investment was a major selling point for Air IT, tallying with the MSP’s ambitious growth plans. "It’s important to us that the vendors we work with are progressing, because ultimately if they win, we win," says Jamie Hissitt, Technology Consultant, Air IT.

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Air IT Case Study

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