How Managed Services Provider Danet Technology Ensures Seamless Data Protection for Its Clients With Arcserve


Danet Technology, an Australia-based managed IT and cloud services provider, is laser-focused on ensuring its clients peace of mind by ensuring their data is secure and can always be recovered. As a leading MSP in its region, Danet offers a vast portfolio spanning cloud services, hosted infrastructure, support agreements, IT security, consulting, and procurement

Danet’s focus on data protection ensures its clients are covered online and offline. From desktop delivery and data migration to onsite deployment support, data backup solutions, and 24/7 proactive monitoring, Danet’s holistic approach to IT and data protection services includes unlimited remote support during business hours. 

The company’s secret to success lies in its meticulous approach to choosing its technology partners, placing the highest value on tight vendor relationships and security.

Requirement: Comprehensive Data Backup Capabilities and Fast Disaster Recovery

Before partnering with Arcserve, Danet grappled with the complexities of a cloud-to-cloud storage provider. That legacy solution created many issues and ultimately proved too unwieldy for help desk engineers to deploy and manage. The company sought a solution that could do more than mop up after a disaster—it wanted a partner that could be entrusted with its clients’ data—and its own. Danet also wanted a vendor with a cloud-centric approach.

After reviewing several potential partners, Danet found that the solutions offered lacked the comprehensive services required to deliver the highest level of security. These solutions also lacked consistent backup capabilities for complex systems and backup archives and required additional licensing with associated costs as requirements evolved. 

When Danet discovered Arcserve, they found a partner that could deliver quick and comprehensive data disaster recovery, consistent backups, and fast turnarounds.

Reliable Solutions, Reliable Partner

Danet quickly recognized that Arcserve is a reliable partner with a proactive data protection approach. Arcserve’s offerings cover all its clients’ requirements, including unlimited backup data storage. The MSP found Arcserve solutions’ simple setup and ability to protect the entire environment and ensure consistent, secure backups offered unbeatable peace of mind. 

That includes crucial SaaS data backup capabilities for Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft OneDrive. And that makes Arcserve SaaS Backup an indispensable component of any Microsoft working environment. 

Arcserve also made it easy for Danet to set up its clients with secure remote work capabilities, a crucial capability in today’s hybrid work world. Danet found that joint projects executed with Arcserve met and exceeded all expectations, from account management to product delivery.

“Every day, we back up our clients’ data. We’re responsible, and we’re entrusted with that process. With Arcserve, we get more than data protection. We know that every backup is safe, secure, and can be reliably recovered,” said Daniel Butt, Director at Danet Technology. 

“It was so simple to choose Arcserve because we had a cloud-focused mentality: work from anywhere, on any device, on any platform. That is safe if you have the right security technologies and policies to keep your company and data safe,” said James McGrouther, General Manager at Danet Technology.

Better Data Protection Delivers a Competitive Edge

As an Arcserve technology partner, Danet has solidified its cybersecurity and data protection leadership position. Now, the company delivers proactive protection and fast response. Danet senior engineer Benjamin Allott said, “Arcserve seemed to tick all the boxes of being easy to set up, it had a reliable solution, and it even had additional solutions we didn’t initially plan for.” 

The partnership has proven to be mutually beneficial, with Danet capturing new revenues and profits and earning its clients’ trust while delivering cost-effective, comprehensive data protection. “The best part about that, from my perspective, is the ease of access and the ease with which we can assist a client’s data recovery,” added McGrouther. 

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