How Arcserve Data Protection Solutions Deliver a Vital Differentiator for Today's VARs

Vitali Edrenkine
EVP, Worldwide Sales & Marketing

At Arcserve, our commitment to our channel partners runs deep. Supporting your efforts in capturing new clients and expanding your footprint with existing ones is core to our mission. We also aim to ensure you offer the right solutions for each client’s needs. 

That’s why we provide the broadest set of best-in-class solutions to manage, protect, and recover all data workloads. The opportunities are there: Digital Journal projects that the value-added reseller (VAR) market will grow at a healthy 6.1 percent CAGR to $6.38 billion by 2030

Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) should particularly interest you as a value-added reseller (VAR). As a core component of the Arcserve Unified Data Resilience Platform, this solution offers your clients robust cybersecurity, effective ransomware protection, high availability, and reliable recovery. 

DCIG: Arcserve UDP’s Decided Competitive Edge

Industry analyst DCIG’s Arcserve UDP 9 product review says, “Arcserve’s Unified Data Protection (UDP) offers a decided edge over many competitors. UDP delivers top-rated, next-generation backup and recovery features that organizations routinely use.”

DCIG also points out, “Perhaps nowhere does IT infrastructure complexity become more evident than when managing backups and recoveries across multiple sites.” DCIG notes that this complexity stems from the need for data backup solutions to manage backup jobs, place backups across multiple storage tiers, ensure recovery, and protect sophisticated applications, adding, “Arcserve UDP 9 outmuscles today’s backup complexity and ransomware challenges." 

Cloud Console: Simplified User Management

With the release of Arcserve UDP 9, Arcserve offers a centralized, cloud-based multitenant console that eliminates the complexities of managing backup, recovery, and ongoing user management. Arcserve Cloud Console prevents downtime and data loss with the only integrated cloud-native, cloud-based, and cloud-ready business continuity data protection solution.

Computer Technology Review wrote, “With this [Cloud Console] solution, Arcserve solves the challenges of protecting modern IT caused by the time, skill, expense, and multiple tools needed to protect new workloads.” 

Proactive Cybersecurity

Because Sophos Intercept X Advanced for Server safeguards Arcserve UDP, you also offer your clients and prospects leading-edge cybersecurity and ransomware defenses. Intercept X Advanced uses AI and deep learning to detect known and unknown malware without relying on signatures

Included CryptoGuard and WipeGuard defend against ransomware and master boot record attacks, automatically identifying and stopping attempts to encrypt data. With cybersecurity top of mind for most businesses today, this is a great starting point for engaging customers regarding their data protection needs. 

Fast, Reliable Backup and Disaster Recovery

When you offer Arcserve UDP, your clients have many options, including agent-based and agentless backups. You can also help them protect against data loss and extended downtime across their cloud, local, virtual, hyperconverged, and SaaS-based workloads

Arcserve UDP reduces downtime from days to minutes and validates recovery time and recovery point objectives (RTOs/RPOs) and service-level agreements (SLAs) with automated testing and granular reporting.

Your clients can also benefit from the solution’s advanced recovery features. Instant Restore lets you spin up a virtual machine (VM) directly from a backup and recover a VM without having to recover or rehydrate (i.e., decompress compressed data) the backup

Virtual Standby (VSB) is a highly available configuration that can recover data and applications even faster than Instant Restore. VSB creates and maintains a VM with a recovery point always ready to boot. Once configured, VSB constantly monitors the source node. If it detects the node failing or going offline, the VM immediately takes over as the primary node. 

Protection Across a Broad Range of Platforms

Arcserve UDP offers comprehensive data protection, regardless of your clients’ chosen IT environment and applications. That includes:

• Windows

• Linux

• Amazon EC2

• Microsoft Azure

• Microsoft 365

• Microsoft Exchange

• Microsoft SQL

• Microsoft Internet Information Service (IIS) 

• Microsoft Active Directory (AD)

• Oracle Database with native RMAN support

• VMware (agentless)

• Microsoft Hyper-V (agentless)

• Support for Nutanix Objects and Nutanix Files for protection of Nutanix HCI

We’ve also recently expanded our offering even further with the announcement of our new partnership with Wasabi, combining Arcserve UDP with Wasabi’s immutable cloud storage.

Profitable for Channel Partners

As an Arcserve VAR partner, you can profitably adopt and manage Arcserve UDP to support customers with limited resources but that require secure backup and disaster recovery (DR) for complex, hybrid IT infrastructures.

You’ll also see how our commitment to our channel partners plays out in the real world, where you can expect reasonable thresholds, exciting incentives, and compelling benefits. This includes Arcserve Academy, where we offer both self-paced eLearning courses and instructor-led training to ensure your team has the expertise you need to configure and manage Arcserve solutions.

Visit our Partner Success Program to learn about the benefits of joining forces with Arcserve. 

To learn more about the latest features you’ll find in Arcserve UDP 9, read the DCIG review.