Food Equipment Manufacturer Strengthens Data Protection, Backup, and Recovery Capabilities With Arcserve

OCTOBER 12TH, 2022

Bad actors increasingly target manufacturers, and the costs can be incredibly high. Sophos' The State of Ransomware 2022 reports that manufacturers paid the highest average ransoms of any industry, at an average of $2.04 million per manufacturer. But in an industry where productivity is crucial, downtime can be even more costly—as much as $50 billion a year in total, according to a Forbes post from earlier this year. Add in the complexities brought on by COVID and the move to remote workforces, and data protection has become more critical than ever for manufacturers.

Dorégrill, a family-run business based near Nantes, France, designs and manufactures about 6,000 rotisserie ovens a year and has been in business for nearly 60 years. The company has a strong presence in the U.S., while Africa is also a critical export region. When COVID-19 struck, the impacts on the retail food sector were overwhelming, consequently directly impacting industry suppliers like Dorégrill. As the lockdown took hold, ensuring business continuity was the company’s top priority. While the company’s infrastructure was equipped for remote working, some essential adjustments were required.

Backups Become Problematic

With more than 3 TB of data—and an approximate annual growth rate of 15 to 20 percent—Dorégrill’s existing backup system required manually swapping out backup disk drives daily and another weekly backup every Friday. The IT team had to go onsite daily to exchange the drives. That became a substantial burden with the move to remote work. It also opened the company to potential risks from human error or damage to backup drives.

Dorégrill turned to its long-term IT service provider and Arcserve technology partner Késys Ouest to evaluate the company’s new requirements, driven in part by having remote workers. With three virtual and two physical servers, the company wanted to put a 3-2-1-1 backup strategy in place to ensure that all of its data was protected.

“The lockdown spotlighted the limitations of our backup system and forced us into a drastic modernization. We have been placing our trust in Késys and Arcserve’s solutions for years, and we are delighted now to be able to install a modern system that consolidates our existing infrastructure. It gives us great peace of mind in dealing with the ever-increasing ransomware threat,” said Paul Bertho, Export Manager, Dorégrill.

Bolstering Existing Arcserve Data Protections

Dorégrill has used Arcserve ShadowProtect SPX since 2012 to provide backup and disaster recovery and ensure data protection and instant availability of systems and data at its site. Based on the company’s positive experience with Arcserve products, Késys and Dorégrill turned to Arcserve to further modernize their data backup system by implementing Arcserve cloud replication so its teams wouldn’t have to do the daily drive changes anymore.

After analyzing Dorégrill’s requirements, Késys deployed Arcserve OneXafe Solo, a plug-and-protect backup appliance that delivers direct-to-cloud data protection. The appliance doesn’t require technical know-how and can be set up very quickly, replicating the company’s data locally and in the Arcserve data center. The replication of Dorégrill’s 3 TB of data to the new solution was executed over one weekend using a high-performance fiber-optic network.

Modernizing the company’s IT infrastructure also required implementing an updated disaster recovery plan—with OneXafe Solo as a core component—that protects onsite infrastructure with backups to Arcserve’s external servers. These servers quickly respond to hardware faults, fire alarms, or other potential problems. OneXafe Solo also enabled Dorégrill to add 4 TB of internal disk storage to ensure it could meet future data storage demands while also adding available capacity for 24 TB of network-attached storage (NAS).  

“We have been working with Dorégrill since 1998 to fill their IT department's role. We have been offering Arcserve solutions for several years and have seen their reliability in various environments first-hand. Once again, OneXafe Solo and the OneSystem management platform are proving their worth. The ability to receive notifications about risks and manage the systems remotely is an extra guarantee for our customers that their data is being properly protected,” said Briac Meignen, CIO/CDO, Késys Ouest.

A Simple, Sound Solution

With OneXafe Solo’s fast deployment, Dorégrill's migration to the new system was quickly completed. The company found it simple to use and manage while providing permanent and optimized access to data and applications—even in a disaster scenario—thanks to server virtualization capabilities offered by the Arcserve data center.

OneXafe Solo also protects Dorégrill from ransomware attacks by using an efficient versioning system that performs three backups daily, each to an external server. The incremental backups performed every two hours by OneXafe Solo enable the latest possible version of the company’s data to be restored in the event of an attack—without any impact on the company’s bandwidth.

The external restore points mean manual backups are no longer needed, instead replaced by an automated procedure ensuring data availability and business continuity. Késys also tested the Arcserve solution once it was deployed, relying on OneSystem, Arcserve’s remote, centralized management tool that the company employs for all of its customers, using a script adapted for integration with the company’s remote management and monitoring (RMM) tool.  

Next Steps

Dorégrill plans future projects with Késys, including backing up Microsoft Office 365 data to the Arcserve Cloud. For now, the company can rest assured that its data is protected—all 3 TB and growing.

To learn how Arcserve products can help you strengthen your data protection and business continuity capabilities, talk to an Arcserve technology partner. To learn more about Arcserve products, request a demo or check out our free trial offers.

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