Flexibility Meets Simplicity: Why MSPs Should Consider ShadowXafe v4

JUNE 24TH, 2020
For too long managed service providers (MSPs) have been forced to choose between a flexible backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution and one that’s easy to set up and manage. Your clients have unique needs. That’s why there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. But the most customizable options are often a management nightmare. What if you could get both flexibility and simplicity in one solution? Here’s a look at what’s now possible with the latest release of StorageCraft® ShadowXafe®, and why StorageCraft is a compelling choice for MSPs like you.

Easy, Flexible, Powerful

ShadowXafe v4 helps you provide powerful data protection to meet your clients’ unique needs in organizations of all sizes, regardless of complexity or location. This flexible, high-powered solution is customizable to meet any SLA requirements, recovery point objectives (RPOs), or recovery time objectives (RTOs). No matter how aggressive your client’s goals are, StorageCraft can help you achieve them.

Hyper-V and ESXi Support

MSPs need the ability to work with several hypervisors. Our latest release adds support for host-based (agentless) protection of Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESXi (paid version). That means you can now deploy ShadowXafe in environments where installing an agent on every device isn’t feasible. This added support gives MSPs more powerful management capabilities for current use cases and easily adapts to more complex environments. With StorageCraft and your preferred hypervisor it’s easy to manage remote sites, replicate your data to the target storage of your choice, and restore that data instantly when you need to.

Integrates with Top Business Management Platforms

ShadowXafe v4 is designed to simplify billing and management for StorageCraft channel partners. This latest release gives MSPs the ability to consolidate automated licensing and billing through ConnectWise Manage and Automate business management platforms. That helps MSPs reduce the time and headaches associated with managing billing and licensing across various platforms.

Unified Management

StorageCraft combined the flexibility and customization of ShadowXafe software with the easy plug-and-play power of our backup appliance, OneXafe Solo. With this new release you can now deploy and manage both from OneSystem®, our cloud-based management platform.

Amplified Productivity  

ShadowXafe eliminates complexity with flexible policy-based automation of backups and retention, with workflows optimized for SLA-based administration. That lets a service desk engineer quickly deploy services and easily manage sophisticated data protection requirements for any customer. It also lets you eliminate the need for L3 technician expertise, and therefore the extra resource costs, for less complex deployments.

Cost Savings and Increased Revenue

ShadowXafe v4 helps lower your costs by helping you streamline operations. After an initial setup ShadowXafe provides a much more proactive approach to backup and disaster recovery. Rather than constantly reacting to new service tickets you can optimize automations across your client base. That leads to lower overall operating costs, reduced overhead, and of course, much more favorable profit margins.

Improved Recovery Speed

Data protection isn’t always about backup—it’s also about recovery. ShadowXafe’s patented VirtualBoot™ technology lets you recover customer data instantly every time, helping your customers avoid costly downtime. Should a customer encounter an issue—whether it’s ransomware, hardware failure, or a natural disaster—with ShadowXafe you can be confident that you can help them recover quickly and with minimal pain.

Enhanced Remote / Branch Office (ROBO) Capabilities

Branch locations often take as much time to manage as a business’s headquarters. Between travel time and hours spent onsite, it can be frustrating how many resources go into managing a branch location, especially when its backup and recovery needs are relatively simple. Now, with this latest release you can deploy and manage BDR solutions remotely through our cloud-based management tool, OneSystem. Whether you deploy OneXafe Solo appliances at remote locations for plug-and-play protection or use ShadowXafe agents to protect branches, it’s incredibly easy to keep ROBO locations protected without ever going onsite.


Maybe you’re tired of oversimplified backup solutions that lack power and customization. Maybe you’re sick of complex solutions that take far too long to setup and manage. Now that there’s a solution that lets you manage backup and disaster recovery with ease across your unique client base with ease, it may be time to consider standardizing on StorageCraft. Get your custom demo today, or click here to learn more about ShadowXafe.