Five Creative Ways MSPs Can Find Tech Talent

MARCH 14TH, 2018

Finding tech talent has always been a challenge for companies, especially as the job market heats up. For the best MSPs, growth means they are constantly searching for new and experienced talent to balance their teams. But technical chops are not the only skill MSPs desire. The capacity to deliver excellent service that delights customers is just as critical. The ability to deliver customer service as well as solving technical problems is key to growing your business. Sites like Indeed and LinkedIN garner most of the attention when it comes to searching for technical help. But they are far from the only games in town. Many smaller sites can help you find the skills your company needs. Here are a few of the best:



Pinterest might seem like an odd place to search for technical talent. However, it is the third largest social network and its users are known for spending a lot of time on the site. Start off by creating a Pin Board for each position. Go ahead and post short job descriptions, but what will make the biggest impression are pictures and videos that relate to the position. Linking to videos you have already created on YouTube or Vimeo will get you started. Pinterest is for those who are interested in the long game. It allows you to promote your company culture and values. The goal is make your company stand out and encourage job seekers to consider your company as a place where they want to work. Here is an example of a custom PC builder in Seattle that uses Pinterest to promote its products, showcase its personality, and attract those interested in working in the Pacific Northwest.



Dice attracts top-notch tech talent with thousands of new jobs posted daily. It continues to maintain its focus on attracting tech talent across many sectors but is especially valuable to MSPs because of its active IT crowd. If you are familiar with Indeed, it will not take long to get comfortable with Dice. Those seeking employment can see job descriptions yet need to create an account to apply for jobs through the site. Dice is a suitable place for MSPs to find talent outside of their immediate range, due to its sheer size and number of active job seekers. This also makes it a good place to search for positions that require rare skills. The number of recruiters may put off some people, but there is a lot of talent to be found on Dice.



MOGUL takes its cues from Pinterest by mixing compelling content with company profiles and job postings. What sets MOGUL apart is its focus on helping women find jobs. If you have trouble attracting women to your MSP, MOGUL might help you change that. MOGUL is a lot more than a site with job postings. It also includes career advice, training programs, and discussion boards. It is an innovative approach that has attracted over 18 million visits a week and is used by women in over 196 countries. Companies such as CBS, eBay, and Dell are already using the site to find candidates.



If you do not like how large and crowded the job fairs at the college or university have become, give Meetup a try. Meetup is a site that keeps track of local events. The attendees to these events may not be actively searching for a job but leaving a good impression on a potential applicant is never a bad thing. It also helps that you will not be competing with recruiters. Say you are hiring an IT administrator in the Seattle area, you might consider attending a Linux Meetup in the area. You will find those who attend Meetups like learning and sharing what they know which makes them ideal candidates for MSPs.

Stack Overflow


Stack Overflow is one of the largest online communities for developers. Over 50 million of them congregate here to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. Stack Overflow partners with companies from around the world to attract the top technical talent. One thing that sets Stack Overflow apart from the traditional job board is that its contributors can showcase their skills to those looking to hire similar skills. You will find primarily developer jobs here, but it does appear to be branching out a bit into other positions.   What are some of your favorite places to recruit talent to your MSP?