Computing Security Magazine: Arcserve OneSystem Voted Best Remote Monitoring Security Solution


In December 2021, Computing Security Magazine recognized Arcserve OneSystem as the best remote monitoring solution. With winners selected based on public voting, IT professionals hold the awards in high regard. So, what is OneSystem, and what makes it better than competitive options? Let’s look at what makes the solution a standout.

Cloud-Based Unified Management Solution Simplifies Storage

An integral part of the Arcserve data protection and storage solutions product portfolio, OneSystem is a cloud-based unified storage management service for ShadowXafe and OneXafe. It makes oversight powerful, simple, and intuitive for IT teams, providing real-time monitoring, reporting, and visibility.

Unified management also eliminates the need for dedicated servers and software upgrades. With OneXafe network-attached storage (NAS) and ShadowXafe data recovery and backup software deployed on-premises, your information is close to the application to meet performance demands. At the same time, cloud-based OneSystem lets you scale as needed. And you can securely manage your OneXafe and ShadowXafe deployments—no matter where they are located—from any location, using a web browser. Built on a global multi-tenant architecture, OneSystem also lets diversified enterprises and managed services providers (MSPs) securely manage discrete organizations’ information.

Continuous Monitoring: Real-Time Information Security

OneSystem continuously monitors your OneXafe and ShadowXafe deployments, receiving real-time updates regarding the health and status of your hardware, software, and network connectivity. As a managed service, Arcserve OneSystem offers world-class, proactive support, often identifying and solving data storage challenges before you even realize there’s an issue. Continuous monitoring also means Arcserve can quickly address any application disruptions. And OneSystem gives you a global view of your organization’s storage infrastructure, including status and trending storage capacity, data reduction ratios, remote replication, and recovery point objectives (RPOs).

Private OneSystem: Hybrid Solution Built on VMs

Another reason that Computing Security Magazine’s readers may have chosen OneSystem as the best remote monitoring solution is Private OneSystem. This hybrid solution lets you deploy OneXafe and ShadowXafe storage management as a virtual machine (VM) within your data center while taking advantage of the same proactive, cloud-based monitoring capabilities described above.

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