Better Economics and ROI for MSPs: Arcserve introduces StorageCraft Cloud Services 500GB Basic

AUGUST 26TH, 2021

MSPs are always looking for ways to improve their bottom line and get a better return on their technology investments. That's why Arcserve has introduced enhanced StorageCraft Cloud Services Basic. Now MSPs can offer best-in-class cloud backup and disaster recovery services to a broader range of customers, all with unprecedented profit potential and ROI. StorageCraft Cloud Services Basic now includes 500GB of storage per machine, annual retention points, and robust cloud portal management at a $20 per machine price point. Even better, this offering also includes an on-premises data protection license for either ShadowXafe or ShadowProtect.

With ShadowXafe, you can give your customers a powerful next-generation data recovery and backup software solution that delivers comprehensive, SLA-driven management for the complete data protection lifecycle. ShadowProtect lets you provide the best in reliable data protection and disaster recovery with a single cross-platform solution that protects mixed, hybrid environments, ensuring that your customers’ on-prem business systems are fully protected and always available.  

As an MSP offering StorageCraft Cloud Services Basic, you’ll be able to service a broader range of customer use cases—from supporting small businesses to providing data protection for small physical and virtual workstations. These use cases are now economically viable thanks to StorageCraft Cloud Services Basic. MSPs can also pool storage across multiple machines for maximum flexibility and ROI. Unlike typical cloud services providers that add fees for features like bringing customer data in and out of the cloud or recovering files in the event of failure, these features are standard in StorageCraft Cloud Services.

"While more and more customers are asking for cloud backup services, they have struggled to solve their needs with a solution that is robust, flexible, easy to manage, and profitable,” says the Data Center Intelligence Group (DCIG). “StorageCraft Cloud Services Basic solves this problem. Features such as annual retention that offers up to 20 recovery points mean that they can configure backup and recovery around specific needs. In addition, the central and easy-to-use self-service portal makes management remarkably simple and efficient and further adds to the ROI.”

Arcserve is 100% channel-focused and committed to ensuring that its MSP partners can solve all of their customers' data protection and business continuity challenges with ease and agility, regardless of the customer’s size, complexity, or location. Enhancing the economics and ROI of StorageCraft Cloud Services does just that while helping MSPs generate more organic leads and realize new revenue opportunities. Learn more about the Partner Success Program from StorageCraft, an Arcserve company.