4 Critical Features for Remote and Branch Office Business Continuity

JUNE 22ND, 2020

Remote office and branch office (ROBO) management is tough enough even without the complexities of backup and disaster recovery (BDR). Due to limited IT resources distributed enterprises are often forced to focus their priorities on data centers while remote locations fall by the wayside. But these days many IT managers are adopting new BDR strategies that help them protect their ROBO locations while still meeting aggressive service level agreements (SLAs). If you’re looking for ways to keep your ROBO sites protected, here are a few critical components to look for in a solution.

Flexible Backup and Recovery


It’s tough to anticipate how your remote and branch offices will grow and change in the future. With a constantly evolving infrastructure you need a customizable solution that adapts quickly. Solutions from StorageCraft® provide a ton of flexibility when it comes to remote office / branch office data protection. For remote sites you can deploy OneXafe® Solo, a plug-and-play, all-in-one backup and disaster recovery appliance. OneXafe Solo is so easy to set up that anyone at a remote branch can get it up and running with minimal guidance from an IT manager. Another option is to remotely install ShadowXafe™ backup and recovery software on endpoints. Whether you use OneXafe Solo or ShadowXafe, it’s easy to manage backups and select replication targets, including local storage, your own data center, or even a robust recovery cloud like StorageCraft Cloud Services. As a branch scales or changes, all it takes is a few clicks to adapt backup policies to meet their evolving data protection needs.

Unified Remote Management

IT managers often struggle to pay as much attention to ROBO locations as they do to their headquarters or data center locations. Companies also rarely have the resources to equip every branch with dedicated IT personnel. That’s why ROBO backup solutions must make it easy for IT experts to manage backup and recovery remotely. Whether you choose a BDR appliance like OneXafe Solo or install software like ShadowXafe, you can manage backups, policies, and recovery from a single dashboard with the OneSystem® cloud-based management system. OneSystem lets IT managers provide backup and disaster recovery to any remote location from a browser. Since there’s no need for IT staff onsite to manage BDR, you can lower your operating and resource costs while still ensuring top-to-bottom business continuity from anywhere.

Simplified Deployment

Traveling to remote locations takes a lot of time. With limited available resources IT managers must find ways to either spend less time at ROBO locations—or stop going to them altogether. That’s where OneXafe Solo shines. It’s designed for ROBO, thriving in less complex environments with few onsite resources. You can deploy OneXafe Solo in environments with limited infrastructure, whether the limitations are from lack of external storage or because they are virtual environments. Best of all, OneXafe Solo lets you efficiently manage data protection without any additional capital or workforce investment. It’s also incredibly simple to use thanks to plug-and-play deployment, with one-click activation that auto-provisions storage devices. And, with cloud-based management through OneSystem, it’s a snap to set up. Just plug it in, connect to the internet, and start protecting in minutes.

Powerful Recovery Options

Any business continuity expert knows that backup is half the battle. With StorageCraft you have several fast failover options to help you meet SLAs and minimize downtime. With OneXafe Solo you can recover systems in seconds or even failover an entire site to the cloud in minutes using StorageCraft’s patented VirtualBoot technology. With management handled through OneSystem an IT manager can recover a remote office endpoint in milliseconds, without ever stepping foot in the office.

Protect Your ROBOs

Clearly, remote offices and branch offices need data protection. But, because they lack the same resources as primary data centers, IT managers must find backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solutions that blend ease of use, remote access, and recoverability. For smaller infrastructures like those usually found at ROBO locations, OneXafe Solo includes everything an IT manager needs to keep data secure and recoverable with minimal capital investment. Learn more about StorageCraft for ROBO locations or sign up for a demo today.

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