Next-Generation Edge Data Protection Solutions

Total Business Continuity for ROBO Workloads

Each business and remote/branch office (ROBO) environment is different, varying in infrastructure capabilities and in data protection requirements. Arcserve builds powerful data protection technology into all of its business continuity solutions, which include ShadowXafe® and OneXafe® Solo, to help meet your fast-changing data protection needs.

Adapt Quickly as Your ROBO Environment Changes

With Arcserve you have the flexibility to match varying business requirements (on-premises, remote replication, cloud, etc.) with the appropriate solution, whether OneXafe Solo or ShadowXafe. You can change the destination of your backup target and replicate your data to any of these options: Arcserve Cloud Services (DRaaS), your data center, or local storage. Both OneXafe Solo and ShadowXafe allow you to accommodate additional data protection policies and manage at scale with just a few clicks.

Total Business Continuity with DRaaS

  1. These ROBO data protection solutions are fully integrated with Cloud Services (DRaaS) to provide total business continuity with an orchestrated one-click failover in the cloud, easily recovering the entire infrastructure.

Ease of Management with OneSystem

  1. You can easily manage multiple deployments across ROBO sites from a single browser, and meet different service requirements and recovery time objectives (RTOs) with Arcserve’s cloud-based management platform, OneSystem.

Right-Sized Solution for ROBO Environments with Limited Infrastructure

Ultimate Simplicity

You no longer have to choose between simplicity and meeting your SLAs when managing your ROBO site. OneXafe Solo is a plug-and-protect backup appliance optimized for enterprise ROBO locations, especially those with less complex environments and limited resources. It provides unprecedented flexibility with a range of deployment options independent of the IT environment you have in your remote office or branch office location. You can deploy OneXafe Solo in environments with limited infrastructure, whether the limitations stem from lack of external storage or virtual environments. All you need to do is plug it in, connect to the internet, and start protecting ROBO data in minutes.

For Fast-Growing ROBO Environments with More Complex Requirements

Ultimate Flexibility

When a distributed enterprise has multiple growing ROBO sites with varying data protection requirements, it further complicates the effort to manage and protect data in those locations. With ShadowXafe you can easily consolidate and handle the complexity that comes with the various service level agreements (SLAs), the wide range of workloads, and the sophisticated ROBO data protection requirements. Designed for scalability, ShadowXafe’s microservices-based architecture allows you to rapidly deploy service nodes for an unlimited number of sites.


Recover Rapidly

While keeping costs down: 
Recover data instantly with VirtualBoot technology, VMs within milliseconds; re-create entire sites in the cloud.

Customize Easily

Flexible data protection: 
Deploy OneXafe Solo or ShadowXafe, and change the backup target to any of these options: Cloud Services, data center, local storage.

Maximize IT Budget

Optimize efficiencies: 
Manage from any location and from any browser without the need for local expertise; lower operating and resource costs.


Easily onboard 
remote office and branch office sites and provision services rapidly.