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Solve business challenges for your customers in the face of the data growth phenomenon.

Unprecedented Data Growth

Technology is evolving more rapidly than ever. These advancements mean midmarket organizations are able to adopt technology historically reserved for the enterprise. While this allows these businesses to embrace richer and more powerful applications for growth initiatives and to achieve scale, it's also creating huge data growth challenges.

Businesses are generating a colossal amount of data, potentially reaching 200 zettabytes by 2025, a 10X+ increase in under a decade. The good news is this trend creates a tremendous IT outsourcing opportunity as organizations looking for growth need subject matter experts but face staffing restraints.Soon, 40 percent of midmarket IT teams will be versatilists, focused primarily on run-of-business initiatives.

The Opportunity for Solution Providers

To take full advantage of the outsourcing opportunity, forward-thinking solution providers will need to keep an eye on this data trend and be prepared to address customers' business challenges.

Data Management

Unstructured data is growing rapidly and is the real impetus of the data management challenge. Massive amounts are being generated in today’s business environments, creating a storage management and capacity conundrum.

Data Protection

As data sets grow, so does the risk that backups and recoveries will take longer. Companies deal with an average of three to four events of downtime annually, and solution providers need to ensure deployment and recovery time objectives (RTOs) don't lengthen and result in any unnecessary business expense.

Data Security

Ransomware costs have doubled in just two years, to $11.5 billion. Entities developing nefarious software are getting more sophisticated: 77 percent of organizations infected with ransomware had up-to-date protection software. Prevention isn't enough. You must be prepared to remediate and restore customer data and get them back to a healthy state prior to the attack.

Arcserve is committed to empowering partners to bring the most innovative, right-fit, and truly differentiated solutions to customers. We’ve created a unified data resilience platform with components that span the entire business continuity category. This allows you to solve business challenges for your customers in the face of the data growth phenomenon and optimize your product resale and professional services business while doing so.