Unitrends Backup Fails at Truth in Advertising

OCTOBER 19TH, 2017

While enjoying a peaceful morning cup of joe, I stumbled across a Unitrends backup attack ad that read, “Don’t Make a Big Mistake - See What You’re Not Being Told.”

Cue dramatic eye roll.

We all understand the backup and recovery market is competitive. And, with our Disaster Avoidance shot across the bow this summer, we knew we’d draw heavy fire. That said, this Unitrends backup ad plays the alternative facts game and we wanted to set the record straight.

Here’s what you should know.

Arcserve delivers enterprise-level power, small team simplicity

When it comes to managing your systems, applications, and data, you’re increasingly expected to deliver enterprise-level availability—without the luxury of enterprise-level budgets.

That’s why we built Arcserve UDP—to efficiently and affordably deliver the capabilities you needed, with the simplicity you required.

What does the Unitrends backup ad have to say about our solution?

For starters, it claims you’ll be forced to manage four or more Windows Server instances, when the truth is you can centrally-manage all of your systems and data—even across remote offices and decentralized businesses—with a single web-based console.

The Unitrends backup ad then suggests our appliances only scale to 30TB, when our appliances offer a total physical disk capacity of up to 80TB—with the ability to protect over 200TB of source data due to our powerful deduplication. More importantly, Arcserve empowers you to easily scale as your organization grows—from 1TB to 1PB, and beyond.

The ad even says we miss basic features, like compression and incremental forever for non-Windows systems. Well, that’s a bunch of hooey. VMs, Windows servers, and Linux servers are all protected by Arcserve UDP’s optimized incremental forever technology, and global source-side deduplication and compression.

What’s more, we’re leap-frogging the data protection competition with our Disaster Avoidance roadmap.

Does affordable, comprehensive near-zero data loss and near-instant recovery sound good to you?

With our acquisition of Zetta, we’re making it happen.

Right now, our direct-to-cloud capabilities empower you to failover an entire IT environment in less than five minutes.

And, we’re unifying our powerful replication and high availability engine with our cloud-first DRaaS, so you can ensure enterprise-level data availability.

Meaning: Downtime and data loss will soon be a thing of the past.

So, about those basics? We’ve got them covered—and then some.

Arcserve protects your organization from ransomware

Ransomware protection and remediation is on everyone’s minds these days, and rightfully so—an infection could cause significant financial and reputational damage.

Unfortunately, the swirl of misinformation out there might lend you a false sense of security, when you should really be fortifying your defenses.

To begin, the Unitrends backup ad suggests you’ll be safe from ransomware on their highly-secure, Linux-based architecture. What’s more, they offer automated ransomware detection to help keep your data safe.


Let’s untangle that.

In 2015, data security vendor, Sophos told us, “...it is astonishing how people can still believe that Linux-based operating systems are completely secure. Indeed, ‘Linux’ and ‘security’ are two words that you rarely see together.”

But, two-and-a-half years later, Unitrends is continuing to perpetuate the Linux security myth.

No system is safe from these increasingly sophisticated ransomware threats. Cyber extortionists are a highly-motivated lot and, as data security vendors block access to one door, they actively work to pry open a window.

As for “ransomware detection,” the Unitrends technology is based upon flawed assumptions that do little to protect your organization.

It attributes spikes in file system changes with ransomware infections, confusing correlation for causation. And, the frequent false positives invite “cry wolf” scenarios that can represent tremendous harm to your operations and profitability.

The simple fact is: data security is both critical to your business and complicated to execute well. That’s why we urge all organizations to leave the security of their data to the data security experts.

Looking for a vendor? Our coalition of Ransomware Watch data security partners can lend a practiced guiding hand.

Of course, no matter how rock-solid your data security, it only takes one frazzled employee a single click of the mouse to launch a ransomware infection.

That’s where Arcserve UDP comes in. We can help you recover your virtual and physical data—no matter where it lives.

Be wary of false advertising, courtesy of Unitrends backup

Vendor-issued product comparisons are nothing unusual in this industry, or any other for that matter. And they’re certainly not something that leaves us quaking in our boots—we know the product we’re sitting on and the value it brings to our 48,000+ customers.

However, we won’t sit quietly and allow this blatantly false Unitrends backup ad to stand.

“Don’t make a big mistake?”

Heck, resolving mistakes is what we do best. And, we’d be happy to tell you how.

So, read about our solutions, learn about our Disaster Avoidance roadmap, check out this Children’s Defense Fund case study, or give us a call at +1-844-639-6792.