We now live in an experience economy, where customer expectations are almost entirely driven by data

Today, customers expect a high-degree of convenience, whether it be through transacting or accessing information at a moment’s notice.

There’s no time for business downtime

In yesterday’s era, the term “always on” was flexible, with most systems able to support a downtime tolerance of days or even weeks. That’s no longer the case. Today, expectations mandate that every business, whether big or small, is always up-and-running—even while experiencing downtime or a disaster.

While many organizations today do have data protection plans in place, most would be unable to maintain system availability in the wake of a ransomware attack, system failure, or other disruptive event.

Is getting back day-old data really a “recovery”?

Traditionally, most businesses have focused on getting their systems and apps back online quickly—they’ve emphasized shortening their RTO. But the real question is, “How much business activity are you willing to lose?”

If your last backup was yesterday, you could potentially lose 12 - 24 hours of business activity – reflected by your RPO.

In many cases, business expectations simply don’t align with what IT teams can realistically deliver. And it’s important to remember that “data availability” still means data loss.

Avoid IT disasters by guaranteeing near-zero data loss

Until recently, most businesses were forced to choose: Adopt a solution capable of delivering quick RTOs, while being unable to answer for hours or days of data loss—or maintain system availability and absorb high on-premises complexity and cost.

Now, organizations can dramatically mitigate the risk of data loss by cost-effectively aligning RTOs and RPOs of minutes, and move from recovering from an IT disaster to avoiding it altogether:

Near-zero data loss means data, systems, and apps are available in minutes, with < 5 minute RTOs and < 15 minute RPOs. Multiple automated backup validations ensure your data is fully-recoverable and error-free.
Install and configure in just minutes, regardless of network complexity, and maintain visibility across all backups from a single, web-based console that’s accessible from anywhere.
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Cost-effective, subscription-based pricing makes system resiliency a reality for every size business.
Ensure complete protection with the systems you have today—and tomorrow—with complete platform support for hypervisors, cloud, and on-premises systems.

Take the first step to avoiding IT disasters with cloud-first DRaaS

Arcserve’s direct-to-cloud DRaaS was specifically designed to outperform every other solution on the market, while remaining cost-effective for any size business. Its cloud direct architecture means no extra hardware is required—and award-winning networking, replication, and DRaaS-optimized data centers deliver the industry’s best cloud RTO and RPO characteristics available.

The key to your company's success is dependent on your ability to avoid IT disasters

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Backup-to-failback with Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP)

Not ready to jump on the DRaaS bandwagon? We can take you from email archiving and traditional backup, to hybrid disaster recovery and high availability. One solution, your choice.

There’s a huge difference between business expectations and what many IT teams can realistically deliver, particularly in midsize and decentralized organizations. The challenge is not so much getting systems back online quickly after downtime or disruption, but avoiding the loss of business activity by being able to access current data.

Arcserve has successfully addressed this challenge by combining quick recovery of current data, or low RPO and RTO, with a direct-to-cloud deployment to offer many new opportunities for these organizations and provide a path to more flexible SLAs and lower on-premises complexity.

Edwin Yuen, data protection analyst

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