The IT Pros Have Spoken: This Unified Data Protection Appliance is Ideal for Securing Physical and Virtual Environments

APRIL 26TH, 2022

While we are very proud of all our products, we love it when respected experts take a look under the hood and tell IT pros everywhere what they find. And we love it, even more, when these experts share our enthusiasm for our products. Such is the case with IT Pro’s recent five-star review of the Arcserve 9288DR appliance, calling it “The backup host with the most.” Arcserve 9000 Series Appliances are designed to prevent cyberattacks and protect against data loss by giving you all-in-one disaster recovery, backup, cybersecurity, and application availability.

The IT Pro review notes that the Arcserve 9288DR comes preinstalled with Arcserve UDP (unified data protection) software. The latest version, 8.1, adds many new features, including multi-factor authentication (MFA) that gives you more control over management console access and a greater focus on protecting Microsoft 365 users with added support for OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, and Office 365 Groups.

IT Pro says that every business requirement is covered, including support for physical and virtual environments, with UDP giving you built-in global deduplication and replication and a high-availability option. And the appliance comes with Sophos Intercept X Advanced for Servers endpoint protection software. Add it all up and what you get is a solid first and last line of defense against cyberattacks, IT disasters, and data loss.

Easy Setup and Configuration

IT Pro found the Arcserve 9288DR deployment process fast and easy, with a wizard that helps you through the setup process. The reviewers used the appliance’s import option to browse their Hyper-V and VMware vSphere hosts and add selected VMs. They also pointed out that Arcserve protection plans make it easy to manage your backups with the ability to do backups up to every 15 minutes and set the number of recovery points you need.

Versatile Task Management

With Arcserve’s protection plans, the reviewers could add extra tasks whenever they wanted to, including replication to a remote recovery point server (RPS), provisioning a virtual standby VM, and more. The reviewers also migrated data to a tape drive attached to another host running Arcserve Tape Backup software, highlighting that you can choose from 14 different cloud providers—from Nutanix to Microsoft Azure—with the product.

Fast Recovery and Efficient Compression

IT Pro tested Arcserve UDP’s file and folder recovery capabilities and didn’t run into any problems restoring the files to the host or with Exchange Online recovery. The reviewers also say that UDP’s Instant VM feature is excellent for fast system restores by creating on-demand VMs from node recovery points. It only took the reviewers 210 seconds to use the appliance’s Hyper-V services to get a new VM up and running.

Over the one-month testing period, the reviewers also found UDP’s global deduplication and compression to be highly efficient, taking a total of 1.9TB of data from all nodes and compressing it down to just 304GB, calling it “an impressive 84% data reduction.”

The Verdict: Perfect

IT Pro closed its review by saying Arcserve’s 9288DR Appliance delivers “Perfect protection for any physical and virtual environment.” And that’s why they gave it their Editor’s Choice award.

Read the complete review or watch a personalized demo on demand for more details. If you’re ready to up your data protections with Arcserve appliances today, talk to an expert Arcserve technology partner.

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