How One MSP Helps Clients Ensure Business Continuity With Arcserve


Managed services provider INET has been helping clients across Ireland and the UK since 2004, delivering real business transformation through smarter IT solutions. INET partners with clients across various sectors, from construction and manufacturing to healthcare and agriculture. The company specializes in IT managed services, IT security, cloud backup, email management, remote working solutions, and VoIP telephone systems.

INET is a trusted strategic partner to its clients, helping them streamline processes and achieve their business goals with solutions that support increased automation and reduced business risk.

Business Continuity and Compliance Are Key

INET’s clients need reliable backup and disaster recovery capabilities to ensure business continuity and simplify compliance. If a client loses any of its data, it could severely impact that company’s ability to serve its customers or patients. But a leak of sensitive or confidential information can do even more damage to the client’s reputation, not to mention result in potential financial penalties like those imposed by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR specifies how customer data must be protected and levies heavy fines if an organization fails to meet its requirements.

That makes security a growing concern for INET’s clients. “There’s an increasing awareness of cybercrime and ransomware among our clients,” said Ronan McNamara, founder at INET. “They’re looking for solutions that will protect their network systems and data and enable a rapid recovery should the worst happen.”

The Cloud Adds Complexity

With the move to cloud-based infrastructures and applications, disaster recovery requirements can become even more complex. Microsoft 365 is one example. The platform offers default retention of just 30 days for mailboxes, forcing companies to put a supplementary backup solution in place.

“Many organizations need to retain archived emails for up to 10 years to comply with regulations,” said McNamara. “For example, our client was in court recently, and the court requested relevant emails going back up to 10 years. If the right backup hadn’t been in place for archived emails, the results could have damaged the client in terms of both money and reputation.”

Seamless Backup and Recovery Services Are the Solution

INET has partnered with Arcserve for more than 10 years in providing its clients with seamless backup and recovery services. The company uses Arcserve ShadowProtect to safeguard data for many of its clients. In the event of an incident, ShadowProtect’s HeadStart Restore feature empowers INET to recover systems and data for its clients in the time it takes to reboot a server. INET also depends on ShadowProtect to safeguard its own systems and data.

INET introduced Arcserve Cloud Services to its clients in 2016, providing them with additional offsite backup and failover to Arcserve data centers. INET extended its backup capabilities in early 2022 by offering Arcserve SaaS Backup. With Arcserve SaaS Backup, INET protects live and archived Microsoft 365 mailboxes, Exchange Online, Teams, Groups, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Public Folders for its clients.

Fast, Easy Onboarding

“Arcserve SaaS backup is swift and simple to set up, making it very easy to onboard new clients,” said McNamara. “Once onboarded, we can recover individual emails or whole mailboxes for clients quickly and efficiently using the search functionality—even if they’re several years old. It’s such a vital capability that we’re planning to make it a default part of our data protection service.”

With Arcserve’s automated recovery testing capabilities, INET can verify that data recovery for its clients is fast and reliable. If an issue does arise, INET relies on Arcserve’s expert assistance. “We have a great partnership with Arcserve, and the company offers excellent support services,” added McNamara. “Whether we need advice or hands-on expertise, the Arcserve team is always quick to respond.”

Comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery Is a Key Differentiator

INET and its clients are safeguarded against data loss and business disruptions in the event of almost any incident—fires, floods, hardware failure, human error, and even ransomware attacks. “With reliable, efficient, and secure backup in place, we can help our clients safeguard business continuity, employee productivity, and customer services. We can also simplify compliance with regulations like GDPR,” said McNamara.

With the Arcserve solution, INET can restore individual files and folders for its clients in seconds and whole servers in minutes. That’s precisely what happened recently when one INET client experienced a server failure. INET restored services within a few minutes using Arcserve ShadowProtect—without disruption to customers.

Offering comprehensive backup and recovery solutions has helped INET meet client demands and open up new business opportunities thanks to its differentiated offerings. “Our clients don’t want to worry about backup and disaster recovery. They want to focus on their business,” concluded McNamara. “We take that burden off of them, and with Arcserve, we know we can rely on backups when it counts.”

Find An Expert Arcserve Technology Partner

Arcserve’s partners, like INET, help customers worldwide put effective, efficient backup and disaster recovery solutions in place that ensure business continuity. Find an Arcserve technology partner, or check out our free product demos to learn more about Arcserve products.

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