How to Easily Manage Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery with Arcserve


Today’s end users have high expectations for application availability and fast response times. Downtime isn’t tolerated, and less-than-stellar system performance can lead to users jumping ship in favor of your competitors. 

Unexpected downtime will cost you more than customers. Extended system outages may result in lost revenue, non-compliance fines, and diminished employee productivity. If the downtime results in lost or exposed data, you can also add legal fees to your mounting list of potential expenses

Disasters come in many forms, from hurricanes and wildfires to widespread power failures and cyberattacks. Because we never know when a disaster will strike, preparing a comprehensive backup and recovery plan before you actually need it is critical to getting business operations back online quickly with little to no loss of data. 

Just ask Westinghouse Lighting Corporation. When Hurricane Sandy was bearing down on Westinghouse’s headquarters in Philadelphia, the company knew it had to act quickly to get its data out of harm’s way. At the time, Westinghouse relied on slow, poor-quality tape backups with unreliable tech support. If Hurricane Sandy hit its local data center, the prospect of a full recovery with no data loss looked pretty grim.

Arcserve jumped into action, and in roughly eight hours, the Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct backup and recovery service had backed up all of Westinghouse’s critical data to a data center on the West Coast. After Hurricane Sandy roared through the area, Westinghouse’s data was fully recoverable and business could continue as normal. 

How Arcserve’s Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Can Help You, Too

As fires rage across California and the Atlantic Coast is keeping a sharp eye on a very active hurricane season, Westinghouse’s success story should strike a chord with enterprise IT teams. Of all years, 2020 is not the time to drag your feet on preparing for a disaster, especially when implementing a solution like Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct can securely backup your mission-critical data in a matter of hours.

In today’s fast-paced and highly uncertain business environment, it’s important to focus on the basics when looking for a disaster recovery and backup solution. Arcserve has you covered by combining rock-solid data protection with simple, easy-to-use design

Get business-critical data and applications out of harm’s way.

One of the main functions of a backup and disaster recovery solution is protecting vital data and applications from intentional or accidental loss. As the name implies, Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct offers direct-to-cloud backups, so your data is secured off-site, isolated from the company networks. This is particularly important for protecting your backups from malicious encryption in the event of a ransomware attack. 

When your backups are in the cloud, there is no on-site hardware to protect, so in the event of a natural disaster, data is easily recoverable and can be restored quickly. Geo-independent data centers provide additional protection by moving your data from one center to another in response to region-specific threats. 

Experience easy setup and maintenance.

Once configuration is complete, Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct lets you set up and manage backups with a few clicks and automatically transfer large amounts of data to the cloud—no humans needed.

The simple, web-based UI lets you manage users and reports and back up, restore, and recover systems and applications to/from anywhere with an internet connection. Because there is no hardware involved, you can scale up or down as often as needed in response to workload changes.  

Restore backups quickly and easily.

Every second counts when your system is down. Between SLAs and unhappy users, it’s in everyone’s best interest to get back up and running fast. Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct provides the industry’s best RPOs and RTOs, delivering near-zero data loss with RPOs under 15 minutes and the ability to spin up a virtual server instance in under five minutes. 

With a goal of 100 percent recoverability, Arcserve uses image backups to ensure nothing gets missed. If it’s on the server, it’s backed up to the cloud. 

It is impossible to overstate the importance of backing up critical data to the cloud and proactively planning for recovery after a disaster. Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct is just one of several solutions Arcserve offers to protect your company from data loss. Download How to Build a Disaster Recovery Plan to learn how data loss prevention solutions and a solid plan of action can help your organization not skip a beat when dealing with a crisis.