Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct

Direct-to-cloud DRaaS and BaaS eliminates IT downtime and disaster—all without on-premises hardware.

The only cloud direct solution to cost-effectively deliver near-zero data loss

Until now, many companies faced two choices: Implement a solution capable of delivering quick recovery times, but which results in hours or even days of data loss—or maintain system availability, yet get crushed by both high on-premises complexity and cost.

Only Arcserve delivers RPOs and RTOs of minutes with a single-service solution that doesn’t require on-premises hardware.

The result is a cost-effective backup as a service (BaaS) and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) solution designed for the midsize and decentralized enterprise business that mandates a shift from recovery speed to the relevancy of data being recovered.

Cloud Direct DRaaS

Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct DRaaS eliminates the risk of data loss by delivering you the industry’s lowest cloud recovery characteristics without on-premises hardware. With RPOs and RTOs of just minutes, you can be assured that your business will keep running during an outage, regardless of whether a single server has failed—or your entire environment has gone down.
Meet RTOs of < 5 minutes and RPOs of < 15 minutes to ensure near-zero data loss, no matter the complexity of your environment.
Efficiently respond to disaster. Designed specifically to save you time, automated DR testing with centralized control and automated workflows mean fewer steps for your IT team when managing an outage or disaster.
Get individual systems or entire environments up-and-running quickly, minimize user downtime, and mitigate business impact in the event of an outage with push-button failover.
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Keep your business humming during failback by running systems in Arcserve’s Cloud, while managing the sequential failback in the background. As a result, the final switch over from cloud to local operations is seamless—and completed in minutes.
Easily activate from a single pane of glass with no intermediary, on-premises hardware appliances required. This cloud direct DRaaS solution is ideal for decentralized enterprises, branch offices, and other locations where on-premises may not be desired or practical.

Cloud Direct BaaS

Arcserve UDP Cloud Direct BaaS is an award-winning enterprise cloud backup and restore solution, optimized for enterprise-scale datasets. Easily recover what you need to-and-from anywhere, including virtual and physical systems, files and folders, databases such as SQL and Exchange, and entire server images.
Transfer data safely offsite with automated backups that need little-to-no regular human oversight. Multiple validations ensure your data is fully recoverable.
Set up and manage all backup deployments with a few clicks from a single web-based console—without the need to deploy or administer hardware.
Restore data remotely with a web-based console that recovers data to-and-from anywhere with an Internet connection.
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Speed up backups with advanced change detection and data compression, ensuring only necessary data is sent to your target destination. Your backups will finish faster, use fewer system resources, and enable users to back-up larger amounts of data in the same timeframe.
Thwart ransomware threats by ensuring data is protected through a number of technical controls, including continuous third-party vulnerability scans and SSL encryption. Go back in time to multiple recovery points and restore error-free, in just minutes.

Superior agentless solution for virtualized environments

Run virtual instances of your on-premise servers in the cloud, with protection for VMware, Hyper-V, and physical servers running Windows or Linux operating systems.

Unmatched performance and usability

No other solution offers the same level of reliability or speed, especially when it comes to enterprise-scale datasets. Rapid push-button failover gets an entire IT environment operational in under five minutes, and set-up is done in minutes—no extra hardware required.

Optimized for channel partners and cloud service providers

Channel partners and cloud service providers (CSPs) profitably adopt and manage cloud offerings, while supporting customers that require secure offsite backup and DR, additional infrastructure to support data growth—and who must do it all with limited resources.

Arcserve’s new capabilities make the concept of downtime nothing more than a glitch; we could literally be down and our users wouldn’t notice. And not only were we up and running in just a few clicks, we spend just minutes a day in the dashboard.

UDP Cloud Direct really delivers on its promise of enterprise capabilities at a fraction of the cost for the midmarket. Now, we have breathing room and don’t need to worry about IT disasters.

Mike Montagna, VP of Information Systems, Charlotte Chamber of Commerce

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