How a Concert Hall in Ireland Manages and Protects its Data

Located in Dublin, the National Concert Hall (NCH) is "the home of music" in Ireland, hosting more than 1,000 events each year. Of the more than 300,000 ticket holders attending events every year, more than half buy their tickets on NCH's website. With such a busy schedule and so many customers, maintaining uptime and having a secure database is paramount. NCH's IT manager, Philip Deacon, has to protect more than 7TB of production data as well as ticketing application servers, SQL and Exchange servers, and more. NCH had been using four Synology NAS units to store its onsite backups. In order to improve efficiency, Deacon decided to consolidate these. That's when he engaged NCH's managed service provider, Paradyn, to help come up with a solution. At the time, two of these NAS needed to be upgraded with more storage capacity. But rather than continue with a scale-up approach to growing storage, Paradyn recommended a scale-out solution that could easily expand storage on an as-needed basis. NCH bought one StorageCraft OneXafe® appliance to replace all four NAS. Unboxing the appliance took longer than configuring it. NCH deployed Veeam to back up VMs to the OneXafe. However, backing up large SQL VMs caused servers to lag. A busy SQL server might pause and disconnect client sessions, which affected customer service. To solve the issue, ShadowProtect® was deployed within production hours while Veeam took backups during the website's quiet times. Continue reading to learn more about NCH and Paradyn's deployment of StorageCraft solutions for system and data protection:

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