Gartner Again Recognizes Arcserve as a Challenger in Enterprise Backup and Recovery Solutions Magic Quadrant

AUGUST 23RD, 2022

You’ll find this description on Gartner’s Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software Solutions Reviews and Ratings announcement web page: “Gartner's view of the enterprise backup and recovery software solution market is focused on transformational technologies or approaches delivering on the future needs of end users. It is not focused on the market as it is today.

Gartner defines the market as follows: Backup and recovery software solutions are designed to capture a point-in-time copy (backup) of an enterprise workload and write the data out to a secondary storage device for the purpose of recovering this data in case of loss. The solution can be offered as an appliance, as software only, or as a vendor-managed service offering.”

Execution and Vision: Backup and Recovery Software Selection Criteria

After evaluating Arcserve’s software solutions based on its “ability to execute and completeness of vision,” Gartner® named Arcserve a Challenger in its Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Solutions.

As the global market for data protection continues to become increasingly critical and complex, Arcserve has developed a comprehensive business strategy based on unified data resilience. This strategy integrates software (appliances, BaaS and DRaaS), cybersecurity, and immutable storage options to solve business continuity needs. Arcserve's data protection, management, and recovery products ensure customers' data assets are secure, accessible, and optimized.

The Arcserve data resilience platform comprises an unmatched depth and breadth of integrated data protection, backup, and disaster recovery products. It ensures that organizations of all sizes recover quickly and operate continuously through data outages—regardless of the cause.

"We are pleased to be recognized as a Challenger within this Gartner Magic Quadrant report for the second consecutive year,” said Brannon Lacey, CEO at Arcserve. “To us, it is a testament to the incredible work of our teams. Cybersecurity attacks have become a greater concern with the general shift towards hybrid cloud environments. Arcserve is fully committed to balancing these threats with our detailed and comprehensive backup and recovery and data resilience. Arcserve's secure appliance offerings, including Arcserve N Series, hyper-converged data protection solution, immutable storage capabilities, and malware detection capabilities, provide reliable data protection and immense value to our global partner community and their customers."

To read what others say about their overall experience with Arcserve UDP unified data protection software, check out these reviews on the Gartner website.

To learn more about Arcserve backup and recovery solutions for your enterprise, talk to an expert Arcserve technology partner. To see the value Arcserve products deliver, check out our on-demand demos.

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