Fast Track Your Profitability With the New Arcserve Accelerate Partner Program

AUGUST 21ST, 2018

At Arcserve, we pride ourselves on our partner program being markedly different. We’re 100% channel focused. No bull, no lip service, no wavering on our stance. Together, our data protection portfolio and partner benefits give you, our channel partners, maximum profitability through: advanced demand generation and leading sales methodologies, unmatched incentives, a turnkey deal registration process, complementary training and accreditation, and product and marketing support through the entire customer lifecycle.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve made our North American program even better - the new Arcserve Accelerate partner program brings you a slew of new features and benefits that add up to rapid and successful onboarding, higher rebate incentives and new revenue streams, all for your long-term profitability:

  • Access to Arcserve’s re-developed e-Learning courses
  • An enhanced online portal with exclusive sales and marketing resources
  • Co-branded campaigns and marketing development funds
  • Individual and corporate SPIFFs
  • Partner advisory council opportunities
  • Partner technical certification courses
  • Deal protection on renewals

As channel partners, you’re an essential element to Arcserve’s growth, and we aim to provide you with all the resources you need to be successful. The new program fast-tracks your profitability with industry-advancing business continuity and disaster recovery solutions that are easy to sell and maintain. And if early results are any indication - partners who have joined Arcserve Accelerate over the past few months have experienced a 300 percent increase in their average order value through deal registrations month-over-month!

One of the new features of the program we’re particularly excited about is our certification courses. Now, Arcserve partners can become certified technical consultants on our portfolio of offerings to add professional credibility and recognition to their services arsenal, all while delivering a seamless customer experience which is so critical in today’s business environment.

Productive Corporation is the first Arcserve partner in North America to complete the training to become an Arcserve Certified Technical Consultant. We recently spoke with Pete Greco, Productive’s VP of Sales and Technology, about his team’s experience with the certification.

Q. Why did Productive decide to get certified by Arcserve?

A. As a channel partner, everyone says they’re an expert. Certifications are a great way to prove it and stand out to your customers. At Productive, we’re very selective about our certifications. Tech folks can only get certified in so many things. We don’t go through a certification unless we’re seriously invested in a product and vendor. So, when we receive a certification, our customers take notice.

Also, from the run of the business standpoint, certifications allow you to keep hourly service rates high while allowing you to be competitive.

Q. You’re a long-time Arcserve partner. What kinds of new skills did you learn with the training?

A. Specifically, the training gave us an understanding of different ways to link appliances together and to create your own cloud at another location. More broadly, the knowledge and experience we gained in the training enables us to now make things happen much faster in the sales process.

Q. What was Productive’s overall experience with the training? How do you think the certification will help you better serve your customers?

A. The person from my team who went through formal Arcserve certification has extremely high standards for getting trained. He’s meticulous about his reading, studying and the overall training process. Too often these days, he’s disappointed when vendors advertise a more advanced class, only to find it’s a back-to-basics course with a pretty wrapper.

The Arcserve certification training is not back to basics - there are prerequisites, materials available to experiment, and the hands-on lab genuinely mirrors real-life customer scenarios. The guidance and insight from the expert instructor across many relevant implementation topics is great, too. We believe the Arcserve certification is high quality. It’s a good investment and we highly recommend it. We’re looking forward to testing out our learnings in some complex customer situations.

Lastly, as a leader at Productive, it’s extremely difficult to find quality tech folks these days. It’s important to invest in the talent that you have. This is also a great course for employee satisfaction.

In today’s press announcement, Pete also says that going through the Arcserve Partner Certification program has “placed Productive at the forefront of knowledge about Arcserve products, which, in turn, helps us generate more revenue and leads in speaking to organizations about their specific service requirements. As a certified partner, we can prove to our prospects that we have the expertise and can serve as an extension of the Arcserve team, which helps us stand out to close more deals.”

If you like the new and improved Arcserve Accelerate Partner Program, you’ll love more big enhancements from Arcserve coming soon! Stay tuned.