Expanded OneXafe Series of Immutable Data Storage Solutions Provides Greater Scalability and Data Resilience

JUNE 7TH, 2022

We’re excited to share that we’ve expanded our award-winning OneXafe family of immutable data storage solutions by introducing the new Arcserve OneXafe 4500 Series. The OneXafe 4500 Series offers network-attached storage (NAS) with more storage capacity—up to 216TB—while giving you a native immutable store that protects your growing volumes of backup and unstructured data from ransomware, no matter your organization’s size.

Arcserve OneXafe 4500 Series requires near-zero configuration and can be installed and available to users fast—without reconfiguration to accommodate varying workload requirements. And it protects your existing investments by seamlessly integrating with existing OneXafe 4400 Series clusters.

Meeting Data Protection and Data Resilience Demands     

We developed the OneXafe 4500 Series to proactively address our customers' need for more storage capacity and data protection while improving the TCO from their data resilience investments. "Today, organizations are grappling with the need to backup growing quantities of data within diminishing windows while protecting against ransomware,” said Matt Urmston, executive vice president of product management at Arcserve.

Arcserve OneXafe 4500 Series:

Delivers Built-in Ransomware Protection

Arcserve OneXafe 4500 Series gives you a native immutable store for your unstructured data and backup. That supports your 3-2-1-1 backup strategy—effectively ensuring your backups are protected. The 3-2-1-1 strategy says to keep three backup copies of your data on two different media types, one located offsite. That last one is the number that matters most because it means you need to keep one copy of your backup in immutable storage. Arcserve OneXafe 4500 Series also gives you a logical airgap so you can be sure you can get your unaltered data back. And its continuous data protection capabilities take a snapshot of your data every 90 seconds, giving you point-in-time recovery with no limit on the number of snapshots you take.

Offers a Seamless, Scale-out Architecture

Thanks to its flexible and seamless scale-out architecture, OneXafe supports one or multiple nodes in a cluster—and a single global file system. When your storage requirements change, you can count on OneXafe 4500 Series to give you the agility to add any number of drives or nodes at any time, in any capacity. And you can do it all without configuration changes or application downtime. That saves you time and money.

Protects Your Existing Investments, Lowers Your TCO

If you already have OneXafe 4412 or 4417 clusters, you can seamlessly increase your storage capacity by adding OneXafe 4512 nodes. And you can reduce your storage footprint—and the energy costs that come with it—thanks to OneXafe’s powerful global inline deduplication and data compression.

Requires Minimal Configuration

A highly flexible, powerful, and easy to configure storage and recovery solution, OneXafe lightens the load on IT teams by eliminating application downtime and configuration changes for nearly every storage management task.

“Arcserve OneXafe 4500 Series combines traditional NAS reliability and productivity advantages with the security benefits of immutable object storage to provide organizations with a safe and powerful secondary storage solution ideally suited to the modern world,” said Urmston. “Simply put, the OneXafe 4500 series delivers more. It represents a proactive response to our customer's demand for more storage capacity, data protection, and improved TCO from their data resilience investments."

Learn more about OneXafe 4500 Series. For help with putting the right data protection and data storage solution in place for your organization, talk to an Arcserve expert technology partner.

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