DCIG Names Arcserve UDP a Top 5 VMware vSphere VM Backup Solution for Midsize Enterprises


For mid-sized enterprises, VMware vSphere is the enterprise server virtualization technology of choice, leading the industry with a nearly 12 percent market share. VMware says that’s because it provides a robust, production-proven, high-performance virtualization layer that lets multiple virtual machines (VMs) share hardware resources with performance that can match—and in some cases exceed—native throughput. The report also notes that midsize enterprise VM backup and recovery solutions can capitalize on specific features VMware offers to back up and recover VMs, including VMware vCenter integration and leveraging its vSphere Storage APIs like data protection (VADP) and Storage vMotion.

Meeting the Backup Needs of Midsize Enterprises

In its 2022-2023 Top 5 Midsize Enterprise VMware vSphere Backup Solutions Report, DCIG evaluated more than 30 solutions suitable for protecting applications, data, and workloads on VMware vSphere. Of those 30, Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) was recognized as a Top 5 backup solution. Here are the key criteria DCIG evaluated for assembling the list:

  • Optimized for backup and recovery of vSphere environments with up to 10,000 VMs
  • Support for leading guest operating systems like Microsoft Windows Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and SUSE Linux
  • Integration with and creation of application-consistent backups for leading Microsoft applications
  • Support for block, file, and cloud storage backup media targets
  • Multiple restore options for VM file data and images
  • Email, phone, and web chat support

In naming it a Top 5 backup solution, DCIG notes that Arcserve UDP is specifically targeted to meet the virtual backup and recovery needs of midsize enterprises, and clearly has the required capabilities listed above. DCIG goes on to say that Arcserve UDP continues to mature and evolve to meet the newest data protection needs of midsize enterprises. Now more than ever, those needs relate to stopping and recovering from ransomware attacks.

Arcserve UDP: Standing Out from the Competition

DCIG pointed out several specific features that differentiate Arcserve UDP from competing offerings. These include:

Combined Cybersecurity and Data Protection Solutions

With ransomware a huge concern for midsize enterprises, Arcserve’s partnership with Sophos adds substantial value. Sophos Intercept X Advanced for Server is now offered with Arcserve UDP software and Arcserve appliances. That results in a combined backup and threat detection solution that deters and enables swift recovery from ransomware attacks.

Support for Immutable Cloud Storage Offerings

With more ransomware attacks targeting backup data to prevent recovery, immutability matters. Arcserve continues to support more immutable cloud storage offerings to give enterprises flexibility, while also offering the OneXafe immutable scale-out storage solution for those that need a private storage cloud. Arcserve UDP also supports the Object Lock feature available from general-purpose (Google Cloud, AWS, Azure) and purpose-built (Wasabi) public cloud storage providers. That gives midsize enterprises choices for securing their backups based on their specific cost constraints and geographic preferences.

Two Instant Recovery Options for VMs

Instant recovery is critical for midsize enterprises, with the cost of downtime running as much as $1 million to $5 million per hour. Arcserve UDP offers two instant recovery options through its Instant Virtual Machine (IVM) and Virtual Standby (VSB) machine features. Using IVM, UDP creates a VM on a Hyper-V or vSphere hypervisor and reads the virtual disk data directly from its deduplicated backup repository. That eliminates the need for any pre-data conversions or downtime if recovery becomes necessary, simultaneously providing instant access to both applications and data. The VSB option pre-populates VM disks after every incremental backup. Arcserve UDP converts a VM’s recovery points into a virtual disk VM format usable by the hypervisor or on a cloud platform. VSB can recover a VM to vSphere, Hyper-V, or Nutanix AHV hypervisor—or to the Google, AWS or Azure cloud. Once restored, the VSB VM can perform as well as a production VM.

Get a Better VM Backup and Recovery Solution

Arcserve UDP is a DCIG Top 5 Backup Solution for all of the reasons outlined. But Arcserve also goes the extra mile to ensure enterprises have the right solutions for their specific needs. Learn more about Arcserve UDP, or contact us for a deeper dive into your backup and recovery options.