Arcserve ImageManager Updates: Accelerated Recovery Points, Streamlined Uploads, and More Cloud Capabilities

AUGUST 24TH, 2023

Your backups must be effectively managed if you’re going to be sure your data can be recovered when needed. That’s precisely what Arcserve ImageManager delivers. A component of the Arcserve Data Resilience Platform, Arcserve ImageManager puts you in control of your Arcserve ShadowProtect backup files

Advanced Backup Image Verification Enhances Data Resilience

This free management software increases your organization’s data resilience with advanced backup image verification to ensure integrity and availability for fast and reliable recovery. It also helps you effectively maintain and manage your accumulated backup image files and the storage space they use. That includes automatic consolidation of continuous-incremental backup image files to reduce restoration time, risk of backup file corruption, and required storage space.  

Simplified Data Backup Consolidation and Replication

Arcserve ImageManager lets you consolidate backup image files and set retention policies for those files. And you can replicate your data backups onto a local drive or to a network share, so you’re prepared for a small-scale disaster. You can also replicate your backups offsite to a remote server, colocation facility, data center, Amazon S3, or the Arcserve Cloud. That way, you’re prepared for a sitewide or regional disaster. 

Effective Monitoring, Notifications, and Pre-Staged Recovery Features

Included monitoring and notifications features let you easily watch over backup jobs in the user interface and be alerted if issues arise. The software even features pre-staged server recovery, so you can be ready before disaster strikes, reducing downtime. ImageManager also lets you maintain optimal system-wide performance by managing how the software uses system resources through throttling and concurrent processing.

Arcserve ImageManager Updates: Enhancements Add New Capabilities

Arcserve has just released an update to Arcserve ImageManager that brings even more benefits to ShadowProtect users. 

For users that employ Arcserve Cloud Services, this update gives you a more direct path to cloud storage, delivering several benefits, including:

Accelerated recovery point availability

Requires remarkably less time for recovery points to become available in Arcserve Cloud Services.

Streamlined Uploads

Replicates larger machines faster—even during peak traffic—ensuring seamless data replication.

Simplified Data Path

Substantially reduces retries by eliminating unnecessary hops in the data path.

Other Feature Updates and Improvements

This update adds several improvements and fixes, including: 

• Enhanced Azure Blog Storage, with support for universal naming convention (UNC) paths.

• Improved S3-compatible storage support, including replication to S3 on Quality Network Appliance Provider (QNAP) network-attached storage (NAS).

• Updated to FileZilla 1.5 with transport layer security (TLS) 1.3 support for improved security and faster file transfers.

• Meets Check Disk (CHKDSK) system tool Advanced Verification Requirements, ensuring reliable and efficient verification processes.

• Manages logs more effectively with added log rotation.

• Delivers enhanced language localization capabilities. 

Update ImageManager Today

If you’re an ImageManager user, please update by December first to ensure uninterrupted services. 

Learn more about Arcserve ImageManager.

Read the release notes here.

Find the installer instructions here, and download Arcserve ImageManager 7.8.2 here.

And if you need help with any aspect of your Arcserve deployments, please contact Arcserve Technical Support.

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