Achieve All-In-One Cybersecurity and Data Protection with Arcserve and Sophos

APRIL 22ND, 2021

Cybersecurity insurance is normally an effective way for businesses to protect themselves from the financial impacts of ransomware. But a recent “sophisticated cybersecurity attack” against CNA Financial, one of the top 10 cyber insurance firms in the U.S., potentially provided a gold mine of confidential policyholder information to the attacker.

CNA Financial is “unable” to say whether any data was stolen, but if it was, the ransomware operator now knows which companies have applied for or hold cyber insurance policies through CNA, the scope of their coverage, and the limits of deductibles. Talk about an unfair negotiating advantage for future attacks. 

CNA Financial is just the latest victim in a long string of high-profile cyberattacks targeting everyone from computer manufacturer Acer to major universities, including the Stanford School of Medicine and the University of California.

The big takeaway from these attacks is that no organization—no matter how large or how technology-savvy—can afford to be passive when it comes to cybersecurity and data protection.     

Cybersecurity and Data Protection Are More Essential Now Than Ever

Today’s cybercriminals are committed to their craft, and they are willing to exploit whatever weaknesses they can to get access to sensitive data they can sell or hold for ransom.

For example, in the early days of the COVID-19 health crisis, phishing scams preyed on people’s fears and uncertainties using pandemic-themed emails with malicious links to articles promising answers and reassurance.

Now that employees are slowly going back to their physical offices, phishers and ransomware operators are targeting these workers with official-looking surveys or health notices from HR.

Additionally, the world is becoming more and more reliant on connected devices and IoT/edge computing, which compounds and complicates data security even more. 

Why an All-in-One Solution Is Better Than Piecemeal Security

Today’s IT environments are complex. It’s tough to protect against security threats, data loss, and disruptions when you are also juggling multiple processes, third-party vendors, IT infrastructures, and distributed teams.

Each of these moving parts broadens the organization’s attack surface and decreases visibility into your systems. 

It’s hard to protect what you can’t see, which is why an integrated, all-in-one approach to cybersecurity and data protection provides a much higher level of security than many disparate systems and infrastructures struggling to work effectively together.

How Arcserve and Sophos Provide All-in-One Cybersecurity and Data Protection

In 2019, the world’s most experienced data protection provider joined forces with a global leader in network and endpoint security to create a new generation of integrated cybersecurity and data protection technology: Arcserve solutions secured by Sophos.

Collectively, these solutions deliver the most comprehensive set of technologies available with a consumer-grade user experience. 

Arcserve solutions remove many data protection challenges by eliminating the complexity of multiple tools and management interfaces, letting you manage all of the solution’s robust capabilities from anywhere in the world with a few clicks on a single management interface. 

With industry-leading support for customers and partners from one of the most experienced data protection teams out there, Arcserve delivers peace of mind with all of our Sophos-powered solutions:

Arcserve Appliances Secured by Sophos

Arcserve backup appliances eliminate standalone, discrete products for threat prevention, ransomware disaster recovery, and application availability.

  • All-in-one solution with a central interface for backup processes, tools, and infrastructure
  • Ability to integrate on-site and off-site DR, backup, and optional high availability with Sophos Intercept X Advanced for Server
  • Ideal systems that combine storage, server processing, networking, hardware, cloud services, and cyber and data protection capabilities

Arcserve UDP

Arcserve UDP Secured by Sophos delivers comprehensive data protection and cybersecurity for your critical backup infrastructure.

  • Data protection, disaster recovery, and ransomware prevention for every type of workload
  • Safeguards for data in transit and at rest with built-in AES/SSL encryption
  • Single, intuitive web-based control panel
  • Immutable cloud storage with AWS Object Lock that repels ransomware and hacker attacks, securing your backups against data loss, corruption, or malicious encryption 

Arcserve UDP Cloud Hybrid Secured by Sophos

Drastically improve service delivery by deploying a fully managed service extension to Arcserve’s data protection software and appliances.

  • Fully integrated cloud backup, cybersecurity, and disaster recovery extension to Arcserve data protection software and appliances
  • Fully integrated Sophos Intercept X Advanced, award-winning endpoint protection with artificial intelligence to neutralize malware, exploits, and ransomware
  • Remote virtual standby for emergency application failover and failback as well as manual triggered failover to remote resources
  • Complete visibility from one user console to track cloud usage, schedule backups, and manage failover and failback

Ransomware is undoubtedly here to stay. And, unfortunately, it’s only going to get harder to detect and more expensive to remediate. 

Honestly, it’s hard not to feel helpless when even an InfoSec firm like Qualys falls victim to a double extortion ransomware attack. But the good news is that you don’t have to sit around and wait to be a victim. 

To learn how to elevate your cybersecurity and data protection game, download Your Guide to a Ransomware-Free Future for more best practices and additional ways to improve your long-term ransomware strategy.