What Is Offsite Storage?

Offsite storage refers to the process of ensuring redundancy and protection by securing your data at a remote server away from your premises.

What Is Offsite Data Storage?

Offsite data storage refers to when the data storage facility is physically located away from your organization’s office with the end goal of creating data redundancy and recovery. Large companies have sufficient resources to build dedicated offsite storage for full control in securing their data. For the most part, however, businesses employ data storage solutions from third-party providers responsible for securing and managing the servers.

What Is an Offsite Storage Backup?

The main goal of offsite storage backup is to maintain copies of files in case the main server goes offline, resulting in disruption of business continuity. There are several methods to migrate data from the primary location to the remote server, including a magnetic disk, Internet connection, or through a secure VPN.

The decryption key is given by the service provider. Offsite storage solutions are suitable for small businesses or mid-sized organizations because they are cost-efficient and secure. The third-party service provider is responsible for managing servers, which allows their clients to focus on their core businesses rather than worry about how to maintain the machines.