What Is Enterprise Data Management?

Enterprise data management is the capability of the company or organization to define, integrate, and reclaim data. The management process revolves around the accuracy, security, and quality of data.

Is Enterprise Data Management the Same as Data Governance?

While they are sometimes used interchangeably by some people, enterprise data management is a crucial component of data governance. Whereas data governance is the blueprint of how you collect, access, and treat the data, enterprise data management is the implementation of processes and policies to achieve the objectives of the data governance strategy.

It must be said, however, that you can have an enterprise data management plan without data governance. But it would be a less efficient route.

What Is Enterprise Data Protection?

Enterprise data protection enables an organization to collect, archive, monitor, deliver, and manage information for internal and external applications. It outlines the policies, guidelines, tools, framework, and methods to secure information, whether for storage or consumption of data. Among the examples are multifactor authentication, firewall, authorization access, antivirus software, and other data protection standards.