What Is Data Management?

Data management is the bundle of processes, principles, and policies to store, catalog, and maintain the information collected and created by an organization.

What Is Database Management?

Database management and data management are often confused as being synonymous to each other. However, there is a marked difference both in function and purpose. Data management refers to the collection and utilization of information. But what is database management? It is the deployment of the apparatus, including equipment and software, to store and access data. 

What Is a Database Management System?

The database management system or the DMBS would be the software package dedicated to defining, retrieving, utilizing, manipulating, storing, and managing data contained in the database. The database management system automates the process of manipulating the data, including the format, names, and structure of files and records.

Think of the database management system as the artery that allows data and software applications to interact with each other.

What Is a Data Management System?

Data management system refers to the administrative process of collecting, aggregating, curating, and accessing data.

Perhaps an analogy would give a clearer picture of data management and database management.

One way to differentiate data management and database management is to think of raw information as the car. As the data owner, you know how to drive the car, turn the knobs, and operate all the buttons to utilize the vehicle as it was designed. The database management, however, would be your mechanic. He knows all the nuts, bolts, and levers to make the car move smoothly. He also knows the technology and tools to improve the performance of the vehicle.

What Is a Data Management Plan?

The data management plan is the document that outlines your strategy on identifying and collecting information when taking on a research project. It also lists the steps in describing, analyzing, storing, and managing data. At the end of the research lifecycle, the plan should also spell out the mechanisms to preserve and secure your data.

The data management plan is also crucial for more effective deployment of your IT system.

What Is Data Management Software?

Data management software products will help relieve personnel and the data manager of most of the maintenance and framing programs. They also ensure the integrity, redundancy, and security of the data. Users typically use query languages along with the DBMS. Among the examples are FoxPro, MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server.

The data management software application will also help curate disparate data into a usable asset, such as your database. Examples of data management software apps include IBM DR2, Teradata, ADABAS, and SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer, among others.