What Is Data Backup?

The data backup process involves copying and storing files and information with the goal of re-accessing or restoring them after a loss or catastrophe.

What Is Backup Software?

Data backup is often confused with data redundancy because they have similar concepts and goals. Backup means creating a copy of the information, which ensures continuity of operation following a loss. Data can be archived on a server onsite, offsite, or in the cloud. Redundancy, meanwhile, guarantees real-time protection by creating several copies of the files across multiple hard drives. An example of this is the Redundant Array of Independent Disks or RAID.

If you are copying a single file or even multiple files with a reasonable size, you can do so manually. However, when you are talking about backing up data of considerable volume, it is time-consuming to do it without the use of backup software. But these applications perform more than simply copying precise copies, they also restore the files and folders to their original location to ensure that your operations will not be disrupted.

What Is Backup as a Service?

Backup as a Service or BaaS is a strategy that replaces the traditional method of data backup. The BaaS will help produce a replica of the entire contents of your hard drive to a secure cloud storehouse through a network connection. The service provider, meanwhile, will ensure the integrity of your data and protect your files from hacking or errors.

This is a much better approach than onsite backup solutions because you offload hardware and software management to the service provider.

What Is Backup Recovery?

Backup recovery or data recovery is the process of retrieving or salvaging data in case of a loss, corruption or operating system failure. It can also be employed in case you accidentally delete the files with no hope of restoring them or if the hard drive sustained damage, which makes traditional access impossible. It is different from a data backup where you managed to save exact copies of your files on a separate location. Data backup should be part of your disaster recovery strategy. Recovery involves multiple methods, depending on the type of damage. It is not as simple as purchasing a data recovery software app. There are service providers specializing in recovering data.