How to Back Up Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)

Google tools like Vault and Takeout can help back up your Google Workspace. Vault is designed for archiving, while Takeout is a free tool to manually export data offline.

How to Back Up Google Workspace Data

It is crucial that you back up your Google Workspace to get full control of your data and protect it from ransomware, IT outage, or some other disasters. To back up your data, you need an existing profile and to specify the backup settings if you are using InSync. Then you can schedule when to create duplicate files for Google Drive or Gmail.

You can also use Spinbackup, which allows you to back up your data and recover it in the event of a catastrophe. The process is automated after you have configured your backup settings for your Gmail, Calendar, Google Contacts, and Google Teams. You can choose the frequency of the backup, as well as the volume of data to be retained. Another way to backup your Google Workspace data is to contact a third-party provider that can help manage and protect your files. You can also have access to your files anytime.

How to Back Up Google Workspace Emails

You can export your files from Google Workspace services, such as Gmail, Docs, and Contacts, through the data export tool. From the Admin console, you can go to the Tools section and then click on “Data Export.” These core services will then be sent to all the users in the organization. After exporting your data, you will get a link to the archived data to your email. Clicking on the link will send you to the Google Cloud Storage archives.

Authorized personnel who have undergone a 2-step verification process may download the data in multiple formats. They are called the super admins. Alternatively, service providers will back up your Google Workspace emails and store them in their dedicated storage offsite. It will give you additional protection in case you experience a system-wide blackout.