How to Back Up Office 365 (and Microsoft 365)

Creating a backup of your Office 365 can be done manually but it is a laborious backup process. You save time and money using the services of a third-party provider instead.

How to Back Up Office 365 Data

Microsoft does have redundancies in place, but you are responsible for any lost data. Any assistance you can get from the tech giant on your Office 365 data is minimal. You can back up manually by exporting it into the Personal Storage Table (.pst), which enables 24/7 accessibility and archiving. You can also use the Microsoft Outlook program for this, although your Outlook account must have full authority to access your mailboxes so data can be exported. Again, you better make sure you know what you are doing because you might end up with lost or corrupted files.

When Microsoft backs up your data, the archives are stored in two separate data centers near your location. Microsoft performs data backup every 12 hours, and the information is retained for up to two weeks. Data recovery, meanwhile, is limited to a specific period of time depending on your subscription.

Do I Need to Back Up Office 365?

A service provider will help you achieve the top protocol of backups, which is the 3-2-1 rule. Under this standard, you need to create duplicates for your data on three various platforms, with one located offsite. Microsoft integrates backup capability in Office 365, but relying on that protection is not good practice, especially if you are handling sensitive data. The app should be backed up by software that is not within Office 365.

It is well within the responsibility of the organization to maintain duplicate and redundant data, which can be accessed, moved, and recovered anytime. 

Do I Need to Back Up Office 365 Email?

While Microsoft has built-in data protection, it is recommended that you also get third-party backup services under the age-old maxim of not putting all your eggs in one basket. These service providers also offer unparalleled accessibility and customer experience. There is no more need to worry about business continuity in case of IT outage as you can still access, check, and respond to emails through a dedicated portal.

How to Back Up O365

You can export your Office 365 data to another program using a .pst or .ost file. Microsoft backs up files, which can be recovered in the aftermath of a disaster. Theoretically, you can recover all the missing files, but you can hardly blame Microsoft if some of these are corrupted in the process. A third-party backup solution will give you peace of mind about the integrity and accessibility of your data.