Arcserve UDP and Veritas NetBackup: A comparison from DCIG

MAY 18TH, 2024

Anyone involved with enterprise IT in any meaningful capacity intuitively understands the complexities associated with supporting it. Inside the data center one finds multiple types of applications, backup targets, hypervisors, operating systems, and storage systems. Outside the data center, one encounters multiple types of clouds (hyperscale, service provider, private) along with edge devices and PCs. On top of these variables, enterprise IT must also account for next generation requirements that span the gamut. These may include automated disaster recovery, protecting endpoint devices and Office 365, integrated appliances, ransomware detection and prevention, among others. All these variables contribute to an enterprise needing a sophisticated solution that protects its data and equips it for future requirements. However, an enterprise may assume a “sophisticated” solution that delivers on these requirements translates into one that is “complex” and “costly.” Many midsize enterprises frequently consider Arcserve UDP and Veritas NetBackup as solutions to protect their data. Both these products target enterprises though they approach them differently.