World Backup Day Is Upon Us!

MARCH 30TH, 2018

Backup is one of the oldest elements of IT – so why still talk about it? The sometimes harsh reality is that the world has changed and it has made backup more complex or complicated. Pandemics like ransomware are hitting many parts of our economy daily. On March 31st it’s World Backup Day, which is strategically positioned right before April’s Fool Day! And that’s how you’d feel (a fool) if all your business (or personal) data were gone because you did not have a recent backup. Luckily, some great technologies exist to help you get back on your feet should your organization get affected by an interruption event. Backup and Recovery is one of the key technologies that can help you recover after an attack. It’s not just a best practice or a nice to do, it’s a fundamental business continuity effort. So let’s celebrate World Backup Day!... which should really be called “Recovery Day”.

We recently surveyed our partners and customers, and you can find these very interesting results here. For example, customers told us that over a quarter (79%) of their business data falls into the mission-critical tier, with 41% falling into the business-critical tier. Can you imagine not having a solid set of service levels in place to protect data, recover applications and services, and resume business? When asked to rank the importance of 24/7 access to their company’s mission-critical data, 46% said it was more important to them than paid time off, their personal photos or mobile phone, and health insurance benefits. Need I say more?

We have a great online event with our friends from Spiceworks in Austin in which we will be talking about current backup and recovery trends and best practices with one of our customers on a live video panel. We will be talking about Cloud, Appliances, RPO, RTO, DRaaS…and many more acronyms! More importantly, we will also focus on tips to encourage the culture of backup in your office and with management, and also at home!

Have a Great World Backup Day!