World Backup Day: Businesses Need to Backup and Plan for Recovery

MARCH 31ST, 2022

Today is World Backup Day, when businesses worldwide are put on notice regarding just how important it is to backup data and plan for recovery. Just this week, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) added 66 known exploited vulnerabilities to its catalog. And with a recent report noting that ransom demands jumped 144 percent in 2021, the threats are obvious and everywhere. That’s why Arcserve, the world’s leading ransomware and data resilience provider, is highlighting the fact that recovery can often be the missing element for ensuring business continuity.

Arcserve commissioned a global research study that illustrates the extent of the problem. The study revealed that most companies will suffer a data loss at some point. That means a fast and effective data recovery plan is just as crucial as data backups. Here are some key points the study found:

• 74% of mid-sized companies have experienced data loss in the last five years

• 52% of respondents said they could not recover all their data after a loss

• 94% say data loss had a direct impact on the way their IT teams operate, with 69% of those saying they need to revise their data recovery plans

• 23% of businesses worldwide do not test their data recovery plans

These statistics are the drivers behind Arcserve’s recommendation that businesses adopt a 3-2-1-1 data backup strategy. Put simply, 3-2-1-1 requires three backup copies of your data on two different media (disk and tape, for example), with one copy stored offsite for disaster recovery. The final “1” in 3-2-1-1 stands for immutable backup storage. Immutable backups are the key to successful ransomware recovery because your data is converted to a write-once, read many times format that can’t be altered.

“World Backup Day was created to help people be more aware of the significance that data plays in our everyday lives and the importance of keeping it safe,” said Florian Malecki, Executive Vice President of Marketing at Arcserve. “Of course, we fully agree with this and believe that robust and tested data recovery planning is a critical element of any data backup and protection plan.”

Arcserve’s broad portfolio of data protection software with integrated cybersecurity to immutable storage options that cost-effectively scale out ensures your data assets are secure, accessible, and optimized—all the time. To learn more about Arcserve products, contact us.

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